Friday, December 01, 2006

Home Depot Hawthorne Spy Shots

Well, after a MASSIVE, MASSIVE amount of site work and trucking in fill, Home Depot in Hawthorne is close to opening. This Home Depot is on Dana Road off 9A, opposite the Dana Road the WC Fire Training Center is on.

Hopefully, this Home Depot will be clean and well stocked, and not dirty, cluttered, poorly stocked, packed, and skelly like the one in Yonkers. And it's closer then Port Chester, which is my closest nice HD. Now only for a Lowes in Westchester. Hawthorne's going to be very convient for many central Westchester people.

From what I understand, this is going to be a much "freindlier" home depot, with bright lighting and wider aisles, and a much more upscale layout then the typical Hoome Depot. More like Lowes concept.

Oddly enough, for those that remember, there used to be a Lloyd's Home Improvement Center right across the street (then it was Tops Appliance, now Bloomingdales Furniture Clearance Center). I loved Lloyds, my father and I used to go there as a kid to pick up stuff for fixing up the house. Now, years after they went under, here comes Home Depot right across the street.
And to those Greenburgh residents, the tax dollars from this could have been ours....but Paul Feiner and his adminsitration didn't want it in the town, so Home Depot moved it a few feet up, over the line into Mount Pleasant, but still on the Union Carbide property. After some vicous court battles, this scaled down Home Depot is the result.

I'm sure this Home Depot will also add some run volume for Hawthorne Fire/EMS.
Here's one more photo of a wall (I think) they are building so they can widen 9A at Dana Road and add turning lanes.