Tuesday, June 21, 2011

jetBlue Orders New Type Of Planes

Regarding: http://nycaviation.com/2011/06/jetblue-orders-40-new-airbus-a320neo-and-30-a321-aircraft-will-add-winglets-to-entire-fleet/

Although these new planes are awesome, and I want to see what new markets they open us, jetBlue has lost me as a loyal customer and fans

Photo Courtesy: jetBlue Press Release

They are no different then any other airline now. They constantly have performance problems, the customer service sucks, planes are filthy, and most of the time friends, family, and I have flown- the TV's didn't work or worked poorly. Since that's one of their main selling points, you'd think they would do something about that-especially since they own the company who installs and repairs these TV's! And the "free snacks"...you used to get a large portion of snacks and a full can of a beverage...now the snacks sizes are minicule, and they give you this tiny can for beverages.

They also don't have any plans to offfer Wi-Fi on board anytime soon.
We'll see how this pans out.....hopefully they will become the jetBlue I knew and loved once again. Not that I'm planning to travel anytime soon, but whenever I do,it will probaly be whoever has the direct flight at the lowest cost.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Dodge Dakota Is Still In Production?

The Dodge Dakota is still in production?!?? I had a 2000 and a 2005 model with the V-8, and LOVED that truck, was perfect size, nice engine, nice interior options.....however, it still gets 14MPG.....really Dodge? You can't figure out a more fuel efficient engine? I'll stick with my 34MPG Ford Focus 2D SE until you do-but I'm not crossing my fingers. I'll wait until Ford comes out with a fuel efficient F-150...when money allows.