Monday, December 18, 2006

A Happy Ending To My Car Saga

Here's the follow up to my post below about trying to get a car for Kristen for Christmas. Now, I was only shopping for a Honda Pilot or CR-V because I knew she liked the Honda brand.

But after the experience with White Plains Honda, and after visiting and calling a lot of other Honda dealers, what Honda wants for its vehicles I feel is ridiculous. So I went shopping for other brands.
So, today first thing, I went to Croton Dodge, with a Dodge Nitro in mind. I have purchased my 2005 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab Laramie SLT 4.7 High Output V8 from them, and they have been my exlusive Dodge service center for my '01 Dakota since that was new as well. I have always loved their freindly, honest, and caring sales and service staff. They are truly a small car dealer, I hate those big "group dealers".

After an easy negotiation, I got a GREAT monthly lease rate on a fully loaded 2007 Dodge Nitro SXT with very little down. Croton Dodge made the process VERY easy and comfortable for me, and two hours after signing the deal, I was driving away in the new Nitro.

The next thing was to show Kristen her new car. She had known I was shopping, since Saturday's event. She LOVES her new truck! She's going from driving a 1994 Toyota Corrolla with 80,000 miles on it that she aqquired from her grandmother, hates car dealers, and so this is her early Christmas gift from me. (Plus, I couldn't hold this suprise to Christmas- I'm no good at withholding presents!)

Croton Dodge gets a million thumbs up from me, and I highly reccomend them. I should have stuck with Dodge in the first place- excellent product, excellent service.

Here it is, just after showing it to Kristen (sun was nowhere to be found today):

Thanks to everybody for all their help, support, and contacts!