Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sometimes, I'm Glad I Don't Get Fires

Sometime's I'm glad I don't work on the groups that get fires in my department, which would be Group 1/3.

This morning, while walking in my neighborhood, I noticed a HUGE pile of garbage dumped in the parking lot behind my firehouse, covered in water.

Apparently, during shift change, a driver from a private carting firm knocked on the firehouse door, and stated the compactor of his truck was on fire. Sure enough, heavy smoke was showing from the refuse body, and the load was dumped, a line was stretched from the hydrant, the burning parts were pulled apart, and extinguished. Note that during the operation, all FF's had SCBAs, what is pictured below is about 1 hour after the extinguishment was complete. Also note it was 29 degrees out. The truck was towed away, and the garbage company removed the garabge and cleaned up the water and parking lot. This was normal business trash. This same IC had a hazmat incident last week too.

Good job by my brothers!