Friday, June 29, 2007

Sicko.....GO SEE IT!

'What can I do?' - SiCKO

I just returned home from seeing the documentary, "Sicko", by Michael Moore about the US Healthcare system. YOU HAVE TO GO SEE IT, regardless of what you think of Michael Moore.

This movie takes a comparitive look at the US healthcare system, versus healthcare systems in other countries with socialized healthcare, such as Canada, England, France, and even Cuba.

This movie highlighted another frustrating aspect of our society. How could the US Goverment provide better healthcare to Al-Queida detaineees in Guatonomo Bay then their own people?

Did you know that doctors in England, a country with socialized healthcare, make enough to live comfortably, and get bonuses if they improve thier patients health?

Did you know in France, that they send you a nanny when you have a child-and they even do laundry- for FREE! The French also have a 35 hour workweek, and 5-10 WEEKS of vacation minium.

Did you know that Medical expenses are the leading causes of bankrupcy in the US?

And in these countries with socialized healthcare.....they don't pay a dime for it. Lower quality medical care is a myth.

It also brings to light that in the USA, we live to work, not work to live. Why do we value materialistic things and "profit" more than the quality of our lives as well the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors? Why are we afraid to revolt and force change within our government? If things continue this way the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.
Unfortunately, we will see more people we care about negatively affected by the current systems we have in place.

I don't want to give too much away. Go see it....and you'll understand how I feel. It will DEFINETLY open up your eyes, and you will be glad you saw it.

There are many myths explained and horrors exposed in this powerful film. How can we do this to our own people??? I truly hope this move stirs people to discussion and ultimately to action.

2nd best film I've ever seen, next to Shawshank Redemtion.

Here's the page on the FACTS:

'What can I do?' - SiCKO

Friday, June 22, 2007

60 Control's Rock Stars

60 Control, Westchester's Fire & EMS Dispatching and Mutual Aid coordination center, is a tremendously difficult job, with all the departments they dispatch for having completly different operating procedures on many different frequencies.

Additionally, they answer numerous different phone lines including 911 and the dozens of PSAPS in Westchester, plus the 7 digit lines. They also provide over-the-phone lifesaving instructions, as well as coordinate the dispatch and assembly of the county's specialized teams.

I believe 60 Control is one of the most difficult dispatching jobs in the country. On top of that, low pay, poor working conditions, understaffing, obsolete facilties, constant critcism from those who are ignorant to what they have to do, and most of all, lack of respect, makes their job extremly difficult.

Many of us love to critque and criticize them, after all, many of us don't know them by face, listen and judge every move they make, and place blame on them for things that our our own faults, such as the ridiculous mutual aid and home rule system this county has. How would you like to be followed around with a video recorder all day every day at your job and have your collegues judge every move you make? They also have no downtime whatsoever when there are calls going, whereist we do.

The new Captain is working hard to resolve a lot of these issues, and he is making tremendous progress. However, we in the field have to realize what they do, and campaign for these guys to get paid more, have a 20 year pension just like FD and PD, since their job is just as stressful as ours, if not more, and for every department to work together to come up with a unified, central communications system. We need to help them out- let the DES commisioners know, write a letter to your local politicians about their pay and about a 20 year retirment system for them....they are a part of us and we need to start reconizing that!

I give my thanks to the professional and extremly patient dispatchers of 60 Control. They do an awesome job, and they deserve all of our respect for coordinating and bringing out the best they can in the mess that this county's fragmented 911 communication systems is.

Thank you 60 Control! You guys are the rock stars of the dispatching world!

*Full Disclosure: I'm x-60 Control. I wish I could swing it to go back there to work in addition to my regular job which I love too, it's like family up there, and I miss it, most especially the wonderful friends that I worked with there.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's Now Officially Summer 2007!!

It's now officially Summer 2007!

I wish you all a happy, healthy, safe, and FUN Summer 2007!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Caution: This Cart Will Stop Suddenly If Taken Beyond The Yellow Line

Recently, I saw this sign in a shopping center parking lot while picking up a prescription. Thinking that no way this was true in this particular lot, especially since it was a standard shopping cart with no "accessories" on it, I had Kris push the cart past the line, and suprise, didn't stop, it kept going! I'm sure these devices exist especially in more urban areas, but not in this parking lot.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Operation Open Your Eyes


This morning, I made a phone call to a retired FDNY Firefighter who lives in the Fort Lauderdale area. I connected with him though another retired FDNY firefighter that I am friends with. His mission is to help the rural volunteer departments of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and didn't have much to begin with. He’s gone up there and helped them in numerous ways- securing donated apparatus that he refurbishes himself; donating supplies he has to beat the bushes for, and goes up there and trains them on the equipment. He's constantly trying to aqquire more for these disavantaged departments right here in the United States Of America.

I hope you will take a moment to hear me out.

When many departments dispose of apparatus, they either sell it via auction, or in some cases, donate it. Many departments choose to donate their apparatus to some foreign country, where the person (chief and others) that donate it and go down there are made out to be kings…they have streets named after them, have the best place in town to stay whenever they want, etc. A lot can be traced to politics and under the table moves. Some even send perfectly good apparatus to Brookfield Wreckers for scrap metal, or sell them to a used fire apparatus dealer who will take them and export them for triple the profit.

However, there are many departments IN OUR OWN COUNTRY that need equipment desperately. When I am better, I have been invited down to document in photos these departments, how the operate, the devastation they suffered, and the neglect by the government to this day.

Let me give you a couple of scenarios.

-Just a few weeks ago, a US based fire apparatus manufacturer shipped 15 Engines to Halliburton, to serve FD’s in Iraq. (Halliburton, who, by the way, is moving their corporate headquarters to Dubai in the Middle East to avoid paying taxes on their HUGE contracts awarded by the US to “rebuild” Iraq). OK, so we can send 15 BRAND NEW fire engines overseas, that probably will get blown up at some point anyways, but we have departments in our own country that are operating, for example, with a 1966, yes Nineteen Sixty Six American Lafrance Pumper that's on it's last legs and is pushed to its limits and then some as their sole front line apparatus-when they also, besides modern apparatus, need a tanker and aerial, in some communties and ambulance and rescue truck, not to mention so much more..

-A US-based turnout gear company has a contract to supply thousands of sets of brand new turnout gear to Halliburton and Iraq FD’s. Meanwhile, these departments in the states mentioned above, consider themselves “lucky” to have 3 sets of full turnout gear.

- A typical PAID firefighter in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana makes $9.50 AN HOUR to start, and it doesn’t go up much. An overnight stock boy at Wal-Marts in the same area make $15.90 an hour.

- Departments, such as Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Los Angeles, FDNY, and many departments across the nation have ignored pleas to send their apparatus, Fire PD or EMS, to these departments, instead sending their apparatus to departments in South America. Liability is not the issue- there was a federal law passed that any department that donates equipment for emergency services cannot be held liable.

-Prosperous departments routinely get money to purchase more and redundant equipmen that uneccasrily duplicates what they have- thermal imaging cameras, extrication equipment, smoke trailers, AED’s, etc. Meanwhile, there are departments in the US that are in desperate need of HOSE and other firefighter essentials. There's a town in Mississipi that had three fire deaths last year....yet they have applied and applied for grants for a thermal imager and other essential equipment....yet have gotten $0 every time. Meanwhile, some of the communties mentioned above have no fires, yet an arsenal that would be more then needed for any fire, ever, in their or neighboring jurisdictions.

-Many fire departments are packrats. How many departments have back rooms filled with gear and equipment they don’t need or use anymore, and probably won’t in the future?

-Departments in these areas have a code that new buildings need to be a minimum of three stories due to flooding, yet the nearest aerial or good compliment of ground ladders is over 40 minutes away. There is no or poor hydrant systems, so tankers are crudely built using whatever materials they can find.

-Imagine you were driving through some of these communties on your way to vacation or whatever, and gf, got into an accident and were pinned, and needed the help of these disadvanted departments that don't have extrication equipment, EMS training much less an ambulance, and have to wait for a tool to come from 40 minutes away and wait for the next available helicopter to come and START first response medical care and then to take you to the hospital since there is no ambulance to do so.

-And the list goes on........

How much sense does the above make to you? We’re all worried about “homeland security” and preparedness, but we’re turning a cold shoulder to departments in our own country that our in desperate need of apparatus, equipment, and training. Instead of keeping the apparatus and equipment in our own country, and keeping every community safe and protected, we’re sending it out of the country while our OWN fellow citizens suffer.

Did you know that Mississippi is one of several states that doesn’t require communities to provide fire or EMS. Also, Fire Departments there can’t do EMS. Many of these guys form rogue FD's themselves to protect their community. Where are the unions, where are the Volunteer Fire associations to help these people? We do MDA boot drives, have huge convention parades that costs thousands of dollars, car shows, and other events, yet how many benefit charities that help our own?

It was once said to me by someone who is very pro-career and I QUOTE "Ideally every community, even the smallest, should have a full professional paid force, much like Law Enforcment, but the Volunteers exist and at least we can do is make sure they are just as well equipped and trained as we are".

Sure, when there’s a disaster we’re quick to send help and money…..and the Metro NY area and nation did that after Katrina. But how quickly we forget……..imagine having a disaster in your community, and two years later having truckloads of supplies that you need drive right through your town to a port to go to a foreign country.

In the coming week, I hope to launch a grassroots campaign that gets my new friend Patrick’s mission across…..a federal law that mandates departments, when they dispose of equipment, that they donate it to a place that’s in need in our own country. My eyes were opened today, and we seriously need to start helping OUR OWN in OUR OWN COUNTRY. Sure, it’s nice to help around the world….but we need to worry about our own communities-and people- first and foremost!

I sincerely hope that some of you on this forum will help me out with this. More information on this initiative will be announced later this week on


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Message: High Road

This is another song by Fort Minor entitled "High Road"

This goes out to a couple of people who know who they are.

The song says the rest.

Lets go ya'll

These people are running off at the mouth
Tryin to convince me that I'm running on empty
Tryin to convince themselves that the record with Jay was a fluke
That the record that I'm makin is a mistake
and I cant take this

Lemme tell you where I'm at with this
You bastards are gonna have to take back that shit
I'm not plastic and fake
When I make tracks I take facts and lay them out for the masses
You assholes are gonna see soon that I'm not playin
Start askin me the names that I'm not sayin
But I'm tryin to be bigger than the bickerin
bigger than the petty name callinunder the breath talkinr umors and labels
and categorization
I'm like a struggling doctor,
No patients

But you can say what you want about me
keep talkin while I'm walkin away
You can say what you have to say
cuz my mind's made up anyway
I'm taking the high road
going above you
this is the last time that I'm gonna trust you
You can say what you have to say
cuz my mind's made up anyway
all that bullshit you talk might work a lot
but it's not gonna work today

You people are running off at the mouth
Tryin to make me take myself off safety
Tryin to make my friends turn their backs on the team we built
buildin up some mistaken informationand I cant take this
lemme spell it out plain for you
angry groups complain about the things we do
im not changing direction, I'm stepping my game up
Maintainin my name, the same way I came up
You're gonna see that I'm not play and start asking the names that I'm not
but im tryin not to mention the names of people who wanna sight and

You like the hype but pretendin you're part of the picture wont pass
You're like a high school dropout, no class
You can say what you want about me keep talkin while i'm walkin away

You can say what you have to say
cuz my mind's made up anyway
I'm taking the high road going above you
this is the last time that I'm gonna trust you
You can say what you have to saycuz my mind's made up anyway
all that bullshit you talk might work a lot
but it's not gonna work today

Why does it always have to be
Somebody's always watching me
All I really need is some room to breathe
Is anybody out there listening

?Cuz I cant stand to keep this in
All I really want, I'll say it again
You can say what you have to say
cuz my mind's made up anyway
I'm taking the high road going above you
this is the last time that I'm gonna trust you
You can say what you have to say
cuz my mind's made up anyway
all that bullshit you talk might work a lot
but it's not gonna work today

Fort Minor & Two Of The Best Song's I've Ever Heard

Music, as we all know, is a form of expression.

My favorite style of lyric is Modern Rock/Modern heavy metal. I like Disturbed, Linkin Park, Stone Sour, From Zero, Motograter, Five.Bolt.Main, Element Eight, Dogfight, I, Unnloco, Korn, etc etc...

Recently, I've been listening to "Fort Minor". It's Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park's side band. Their most popular single is "Remember The Name", used in a few commercials...... "This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!"

However, on his album there are some powerful songs. These are the lyrics of the two that got me thinking, and appreciate (more) all that I have.

The songs have a nice beat, I highly reccomend the album, kind of rock/rap but not very "hardcore", at least to me.

These songs are off the album "The Rising Tied" by Fort Minor (Lyrics From Online Sources)

"Kenji" tells the story of a Japanese immagrant in 1945, and the atrocities commited against him by the US Goverment. Can you imagine this happening nowadays?


My father came from Japan in 1905He was 15 when he immigrated
from Japan
He worked until he was able to buy - to actually build a store

Let me tell you the story in the form of a dream,
I don't know why I
have to tell it but I know what it means,
Close your eyes, just picture the
As I paint it for you, it was World War II,
When this man named
Kenji woke up,
Ken was not a soldier,
He was just a man with a family
who owned a store in LA,
That day, he crawled out of bed like he always did,
Bacon and eggs with wife and kids,
He lived on the second floor of a
little store he ran,
He moved to LA from Japan,
They called him
'Immigrant,'In Japanese, he'd say he was called "Issei,"That meant 'First
Generation In The United States,'
When everyone was afraid of the Germans,
afraid of the Japs,But most of all afraid of a homeland attack,
And that
morning when Ken went out on the doormat,His world went black 'cause,Right
there; front page news,Three weeks before 1942,"Pearl Harbour's Been Bombed And
The Japs Are Comin',"
Pictures of soldiers dyin' and runnin',
Ken knew
what it would lead to,
Just like he guessed, the President said,"The evil
Japanese in our home country will be locked away,"

They gave Ken, a
couple of days,
To get his whole life packed in two bags,Just two bags,
couldn't even pack his clothes,
Some folks didn't even have a suitcase, to
pack anything in,
So two trash bags is all they gave them,
When the kids
asked mom "Where are we goin'?"
Nobody even knew what to say to them,
Ken didn't wanna lie, he said "The US is lookin' for spies,
So we have
to live in a place called Manzanar,
Where a lot of Japanese people are,"Stop
it don't look at the gunmen,
You don't wanna get the soldiers wonderin',
If you gonna run or not,'Cause if you run then you might get shot,
than that try not to think about it,
Try not to worry 'bout it; bein' so
Someday we'll get out, someday, someday.

As soon as war
broke out
The F.B.I. came and they just come to the house and"You have to
come""All the Japanese have to go"They took Mr. NiPeople didn't understandWhy
did they have to take him?Because he's an innocent laborer

So now
they're in a town with soldiers surroundin' them,
Every day, every night
look down at them,
From watch towers up on the wall,
Ken couldn't really
hate them at all;
They were just doin' their job and,
He wasn't gonna
make any problems,
He had a little garden with vegetables and fruits that,
He gave to the troops in a basket his wife made,
But in the back of his
mind, he wanted his families life saved,
Prisoners of war in their own damn
What for?
Time passed in the prison town,
He wanted them to
live it down when they were free,
The only way out was joinin' the army,And
supposedly, some men went out for the army, signed on,
And ended up flyin'
to Japan with a bomb,
That 15 kilotonne blast, put an end to the war pretty
Two cities were blown to bits; the end of the war came quick,
got out, big hopes of a normal life, with his kids and his wife,
But, when
they got back to their home,
What they saw made them feel so alone,These
people had trashed every room,
Smashed in the windows and bashed in the
Written on the walls and the floor,"Japs not welcome anymore."
And Kenji dropped both of his bags at his sides and just stood outside,
He, looked at his wife without words to say,
She looked back at him
wiping tears away,
And, said "Someday we'll be okay, someday,"

the names have been changed, but the story's true,
My family was locked up
back in '42,My family was there it was dark and damp,
And they called it an
internment camp

When we first got back from camp... uhhIt was...
pretty... pretty bad
I, I remember my husband said"Are we gonna stay 'til
Then my husband died before they close the camp.[/QUOTE]

"Right Now" just is a story, and I found it interesting.

[QUOTE]Someone right now is leaving their apartment
Looking down at the
street, wondering where there car went
Someone in the car sitting at a
signalIn front of a restaraunt, staring through the window
at someone right
now with their finger in their teeth
Who could use a little floss right
across the street
there's somebody on the curb who really needs a jacket
spent half the rent at a bar getting plastered
Now he gotta walk
fourteen blocksto work at a shop where he's about to get fired.
right now is looking pretty tired
Staring at a laptop trying to get inspired
Somebody living right across the street
She wrote the best things she's
written all week but her best friends coughing up blood in the sink
even think what happened, feeling so confused
And he knows it looks bad but
there's nothing he can do
I wonder what it's like to be right there in his

[Chorus]But no I'm just taking it inOut the window of a hotel
bedroom againTommorrow I'll be gone I don't know when I'll be backBut in this
world everything can change just like that,Like that

Yo somebody right
now is dropping his vote inside a box
And trying not to get shot in his
For the act of freedom right now somebody is stuck in Iraq
that he gets shipped back breathingin a war that he's not really sure of the
So we show our support when the press mislead them
Though we
more then remain proud and salute the troops get some I know you boys got some
work to do
Meanwhile right now someones 25 to life
And is standing on
the corner with their thumb up hitchiking
Stratching off a lotto ticket
hoping for a real winner
Sneaking through the border just to work and to eat
a real dinner
Right now someone wishes they were you were not
instead of
second guessing freedom thoughts of quiet suicide
But right now I'm staring
at the window at a frame with holes in his arm and holes in his jeans
pulled out his ciggerette sparked the light
And walked right around the
corner just outta my sight

But yo I'm just taking it in
From the
second story hotel window again,
The TV's on, and my bags are packed,But in
this world everything can change just like that,
Like that

Ya right now somebody sitting in the darkness
Trying to figure out
how to put some heat in their apartment
But they got a little matress and a
little carpet
And they appreciate it 'cause some people on a park bench
You see them when you rushing to get to the office
wife robbed blind
when she coming from the market
Right now somebody coming out from the
Trying to dump that rock they run around the block with at
same time the cops is raising the glock with aimTo fill your legs and back with
some hot shit
Right now somebody struggling to stop this man
Who's kick
and punching and cussing at the doctors
Down the hall the child taking his
first breath
The doctors ain't even passed him to the nurse yet yoI wonder
if he understands what it's worth yet
Like the time spent while we here on
the earth yet
The answer to the question that we all seekcan be found depend
on how free y'all think
Right now it's somebody who ain't eat all week
That would kill for the shit that you throw away in the street
I guess
ones mans trash is the next mans treaure
One mans pain is the next mans
one say infinity the next say forever
right now erbody got to
get it together man

I'm just taking it in another strange hotel lobby
againPut my luggage on my back I don't know where I'm atI'm in world where we
all change just like that,Like that, like that, just like that, like that, just
like that

Just like that, Just like that[/QUOTE]

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Update On Me 6-12-07

I'd like to take a moment to update everyone:

Although I still face some challenges, I continue to get better each day. I'm off the walker and the cane. I still cannot drive however, and don't get out much, that's a large part of the reason why you haven't been seeing many photos from me. Also, my injuries have kept me from several events and invites, and I am regretful that I missed many of them.

I hope to return to work as soon as I can. I love my job and my department, and a majority of my "brothers".

My wedding is less then a month away, and I'm very excited for that date and to marry Kristen!

I thank EVERYONE who has supported and encouraged me through this and continues to do has been really,really tough and stressful and depressing. You have no idea how much it means that so many of you care.

Should EMS and Medical Transportation Be One In The Same?

Should EMS and Medical Transportation Be One In The Same?

For instance, we all know about BLS NON-911 transports. Is it really neccesary for most of these people to have an ambulance, or will an ambulette with a stretcher do

?Does medical transportation dilute EMS's image, and should it be associated with EMS?

I realize it's a moneymaker, but I personally feel that Medical Transportation and Emergency Medical Services should and could be two completly seperate and distinct things, for the benefit of both.

And with O2 being so freely used nowadays, is there any reason why a "Medical Transportation Technician" can't be made, and a stretcher van created- and put the EMT's and ambulances on the streets where they belong?

I know this would require a lot of change, lobbying, and legislation, but everything starts somewhere.

ALS and Critical Care transports for the most part, I agree with being EMS.

Diversity In Your Department

Here's a topic that's not often discussed. This goes for both paid AND volunteer.

How important is it TO YOU to have diversity in your department, and have the makeup of your department include and reflect the community it serves.

For example, does your department consist mostly of out-of-towners who come in for the action or because they work there, or the "old school", or mostly your community?Does your department actively try and recruit members of the community, even those who haven't had the advantages some of us have had in life?

Have you educated them about a career or volunteering in your department? Maybe they never knew, maybe they'd make a great firefighter or EMT but never have been extended a helping hand. Have you had mentors in your department, taking some youths and disadvantaged of the community under their wing?

Is your membership ACCEPTING and OPEN to ALL minorities, including women, gays, and lesbians? Would they feel welcome in your department?

I personally feel that there is a "good old boys club" complex out there, and it disgusts me. This is 2007, and we're all human beings and EXACTLY the same inside. A multicultural and diverse agency is beneficial on so many levels, I don't have the time to even start the list.

Of course, I don't agree with "dumbing down" anything in order to recruit minorities, I just think that SOME people and agencies need to be more welcoming, and educating the public about what they do.

In some EMS agencies where I worked, I actively challenged some in the community and was succesful in recruiting several people. Today, one of those people made Supervisor at the EMS agency, and he came from the projects and had no interest in EMS at all-didn't even know the career existed and was basically a street thug, but underneath a good heart and ambition but no way to get or reconize what he wanted or anyone to encourage him...until he was stabbed and I was called to the scene.

Just something I wanted to get off my chest.

Monday, June 11, 2007

FDNY Operational Reference, 7th Edition

The FDNY Operational Reference, 7th Edition, has just been published and is available for purchase here:

I HIGHLY reccomend this book (having read and owning the previous editions) especially if you're into FDNY. Extremly comprehensive guide, everything you ever wanted to know about FDNY!

FDNY Operational Reference, 7th ed., Jim Griffiths, 2007What has been
described as "the mother of all FDNY reference books" has gotten even better!
The FDNY Operational Reference covers engine, ladder, and rescue/squad
operations; includes chief officer operations, training, and statistics;
explains foam, hazmat, marine, collapse, pipeline, and airport operations;
provides details of dispatch operations, alarm assignment, and radio procedures.
It also lists apparatus assignment for each company and unit; includes an
overview of EMS operations and shows ambulance deployment, and much, much
more!Some highlights in this new edition: Strategic Plan for 2007-2008 New FDNY
Center for Terrorism and Disaster Preparedness New high-tech FDNY Operations
Center Added Purple K Dry Chemical Units New Rescue 1 Vehicle Added Chemical
Protective Clothing Companies Revised Response Assignments including Major
Emergencies 2006 Fire and EMS Statistics Expanded Fire and EMS Training Increase
in Haz-Tac Ambulances, 5 of which are designated "paramedic rescue ambulances"
New Rescue Ambulances 8 1/2" x 11", 267 pages, softcover, BF1117 / $29.95

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Firefighting: Things Don't Change Much

As many of you know, I LOVE books.

This past October, I aqquired a book published in 1921 entitled "What Every Firefighter Should Know" published by Fire And Water Engineering Co. of New York.

Recently, I aqquired "Los Angeles City Fire Department Officers Guide" published in 1959.

While browsing through both books, I noticed something. Despite all the new technology, techniques, and tatics, when you get down to the nitty gritty, the ART of firefighting hasn't changed much.

Both books contain comprehensive and concise information that is still pertinent today, in fact, I find is better then some information that's put out there these days. Not only does it contain information on bread-and-butter firefighting, but it also goes into subjects that nowadays we call "Special Operations".

Although "tradition" does hold us back, we can learn a lot from our past.

Maybe I'll scan in some pages to give you an example in the next few days......

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Return Of K-Rock 92.3FM WXRK

I NEVER listen to FM radio anymore ,mostly since K-Rock 92.3 went to the "Free FM" format and I went to Sirius Octane channel 20.
As I predicted, "Free FM" was a massive failure, and I found this exciting news on Wikipedia:

Return of WXRK and K-Rock (2007-)On May 24, 2007, the Free FM format in New York
was canceled by CBS Radio and the station returned to its rock format as
K-Rock.[1] On 4:57 pm that day, the station's general manager apologized to
listeners for taking K-Rock away. Minutes later at 5pm, the station returned to
the air as K-Rock, playing alternative rock from the 90s and 2000s along with
heavy classic rock. The first song played, keeping with the theme of the station
conveying their apology for taking away K-Rock in the first place, was "All
Apologies" by Nirvana.
The station is expected to revert to its previous call
letters, WXRK. Simultaneously, the current WXRK (92.3 K-Rock in Cleveland
Heights, also owned by CBS Radio) is expected to receive the calls WKRI.

New York needs a rock station, and now it's back!