Saturday, December 09, 2006

My New Scanner

Today, I recieved my new scanner, a Uniden BCD-396T Digital Scanner. I purchased it from ScannerMaster, which is excellent and has excellent customer service.

I've been a Scanner buff since my father bought me my first "Realistic" (Radio Shacks scanner brand) desktop scanner a long time ago, at 9 years old. As a teenager, at the height of my scanning interest, I had a few portable Unidens, and mobiles.Now, I basically only listed with my desktop, a BC-760XLT.

This new scanner I got so it could go everywhere with me, and I could listen to everything going on- from local FD's to Metro North while on the go. One of my hopes with this new scanner is that it will lead to new photos for me, and the site. This scanner has so many features, I don't know where to begin. It can montior APCO 25 digital systems, and trunked systems, which allows me to monitor agencies that I haven't been able to listen to in years. It also has "Fire Tone Out", which allows it to act sort of like a Minitor II, and pick up tones when they go out. I also like the alpha tagging, so I can see/read what I'm monitoring. (It's hard to remember what every frequency is!) The Close Call feature automatically picks up any nearby transmitters, which is great at a fire scene where you don't have the Handi talkie frequncies. It is preprogrammed with 400 cities, so off the bat I can monitor a whole bunch of places while traveling without having to do a thing. I also purchased the Butel software with it, so I can program it using my computer, as well as record audio (maybe for the website as well)

Now, I can give Truck4, tbendick, JTCamp, Photofires, and ndemarse all some competion on buffing and shooting jobs, since I will be in the know everywhere I go!

It's also going to be great to be able to monitor LA City and other cities when I travel.

Also, HFD23 (BDiddy) and I have something new to do for when we work together, lol!I'm so excited about this new scanner, however it is very complicated and is going to take me a while to learn, but I'm going to have fun with the whole new world it opens up to me again! I'm back into scanning!