Saturday, December 16, 2006


To whom it may concern or to who can help-

This morning, I went to White Plains Honda with the intention of leasing a 2007 Honda Pilot, at $0 down and $299 a month as stated in their ad in the NY Daily News on 12-15-06. Yesterday, I called and made an appointment with a salesman after he confirmed the offer. This lease was going to be a Christmas surprise present for my fiancé'.

At 9:15AM, I arrived and met with a salesman. After test driving a CR-V and Pilot, I decided on a Honda Pilot EX. After going over some numbers, we agreed at $0 down, $336 a month, with the bank fee weaved into the payment. I was asked for my credit card, which was charged $1500 for DMV, fees, etc. After specifically asking if there were any other conditions and if my credit would affect the deal, I was told NO. Since I wanted to drive this car away today, I also added this car to a new insurance policy which I set up while in the dealer. After filling out a credit application, I was told my car was going to be prepped, the salesman and the sales manager on the floor said specifically that I was approved at the rate agreed and that I would be driving my new car away in 1 hour. While waiting to see the finance manager to close the deal, the salesman took me out to explain the features of the car to me.

After being told that there was only one finance manager on duty that day, at 1:00PM, after a several hour wait in the dealership, I was finally able to meet with the finance manager. The finance manager was EXTREMELY rude and condescending to me from the minute I met her. She clearly appeared annoyed that she had to deal with me, and told me she had other customers to deal with that had appointments before she could see me, and she didn't know when that would be. I expressed my discontent about having to wait 3 hours, and she basically told me it's not her problem, that I should have made an appointment. I did not understand this comment, since I was sent to her by my salesman. I told her I was never informed of having to make an appointment, and due to her attitude given to me, I asked her if my business was valued by them. She responded by saying that she was the only person on duty that day to deal with the bank, and that she has more important customers to then me today that are buying more expensive vehicles.

When I went into her office, she then stated that my approval from the bank had not been processed yet. After 20 minutes of computer problems, she stated that I had a low credit score and open loan on another vehicle as well as a mortgage, which made me Tier II, not Tier I, so she could not honor the agreement the sales staff had made with me. She attempted to explain different factors- and having leased numerous cars before- I understand leasing.

I expressed my dissatisfaction with her attitude, and asked to speak with the manager. At that point, the sales manager came into her office and shut the door. He explained to me, in a tone that made it sound like he thought I was an idiot, that since I didn't read the fine print, it was my fault that they couldn't honor the deal. They could still help me to get a lease, but at a significantly higher price. At that time, after being in the dealership for several hours making this transaction and waiting for the finance manager, I expressed that I was very frustrated, and that I shouldn't have been led this far into the process if I couldn't get the deal that was agreed up hours ago with the sales staff. I stated that I felt like I was being ripped off, and that I would be filing a complaint with Honda Corporation.

At that point, the sales manager became extremely angry with me. He screamed "You think you are going to sit here and threaten me- it's not my fault you can't pay your bills" and also added that I had no grounds to complain. I do pay my bills, all on time, and was offeneded by that out of line comment. The reason explained to me why I couldn't be Tier I was because I had an open existing lease with Dodge already, and a recent morgatage that I had to purchase my home. I asked if I could have a co-signer for the lease deal agreed upon, and was told no, that it still would be a higher price. There seemed to be no other option to get a fair deal, even with an offer by me to get a co-signer or put a down payment.

During the sale of this vehicle to me, the staff was very pleasant, helpful, friendly, and accommodating. The dealership enviroment was very nice. But, after the several hour wait to see the finance manager, and then the disrespectful, rude, and offensive way I was treated by both the sales and finance managers,I decided that I did not want to purchase the vehicle from White Plains Honda as I do not like to give my money to those who do not provide excellent customer service. . The sales and finance manager seemed to care less, and stormed out of the office, and ordered my saleman to refund the money I had already given them. It was me, the customer, who was made to feel like I was in the wrong. I made a DEAL with the sales staff, only to be told after giving me the keys to the vehicle and having the sales staff saying the deal was approved, and making me feel like the vehicle was already mine, and all I had to do was sign some paperwork. After waiting several hours,The sales and finance manager told me that I had to pay more if I wanted the vehicle. This is, in my opinion, was a very fraudulent and dishonest sales practice and tatic.

I am very disappointed with White Plains Honda. I felt as if I was swindled. I understood the financial goings on, but the way I was treated was out of line. I was made to spend over 4 1/2 hours of my Saturday in White Plains Honda, being led to believe that I could drive off with a 2007 Pilot at $336 a month and $0 down. I was even given the keys to the car, and told it was all mine. Only to be told 4 hours later when I went to sign the lease that the deal couldn't be honored as agreed 4 hours previously. I drove off, without the car, and without and apology. While getting my credit card refunded and preparing to leave, the way I was treated by the sales staff was very disrespectful as well.

I admit I was frusterated and did get heated with the staff at the end, but given the situation I was in and the dissapointment that the dealer caused, I had every right to be angry.

The resolution I would like to see it that this does not happen to other customers. I would also like all involved reprimanded or fired for their poor and disrespectful attitude towards their customers. Other customers in the dealership were also visibly annoyed by having to wait for the finance manager, and at her attitude problem. I would have loved to drive off in a new Honda Pilot. This whole ordeal has reaffirmed my belief that car dealers are dishonest and fraudulent. I know many people that own Honda's, and have never had experiences like this with their Honda dealers. I have also leased through Croton Dodge, and was treated with respect during the entire "pain-free" and quick process.

I would like this deal that I was promised through another Honda dealer. As my faith in the Honda Car Company has been damaged, I still would like to obtain a 2007 Pilot EX, leased, with a good deal like I was told I would be getting with White Plains Honda.

-Seth *************