Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Santa Was Good To Me This Year!

Well, Santa was very good to me this year as I hope he was to all of you.

Amongst an iPod Nano, and an awesome all-inclusive trip to LA and many,many other awesome things, I got a brand new addition to my camera fleet, a Canon Digital Rebebl XTi 400D (10.3 MP).

I love the new camera (Thanks Ma!), and am excited to use it, especially during my next trip to LA (Thanks Kris!). It's so much faster then my current Digital Rebel 300D (which I will be retaining, putting into spare status)

The new XTi is equipped with a Tamron XR DI-II 18-200 lens, which was swapped over from my 300D. The 300D now is using it's orignal Canon 18-55 EF lens, until I can upgrade it to the Canon IS 17-85 lens.

I also bought myself a gift, a Garmin c330 GPS Navigation system as a gift to myself....it'll come in handy especially during my travels. The deal I got on Amazon was $100 less then the current retail price at any store. Lucky on that.

I am very blessed to have such a great family and a very nice holiday. I am very spoiled.
Now I really can't wait for my next LA or buff trip! Also, I'll be out shooting as much as I can with this new camera and exploring new areas with my GPS coming soon! And the train or plane will be so much easier with my new iPod!