Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hartsdale's New Engine 170

Well, I FINALLY found some photos of the new Engine 170, and it looks AWESOME! I really like the in-cab turnout gear storage, and the high visiblity front bumper. It's clear this engine was thought out and designed with the needs of the way Hartsdale operates. I give props for being able to fit a TON of equipment on it, including a CAFS (props for that) AND keep a low hosebed!!!

Hartsdale, NY Engine 1702007 Spartan Gladiator Extreme Duty/4 Guys Fire Apparatus

Station: Hartsdale Station 1, S. Central Ave & W. Hartsdale Ave ("4 Corners")


(More Photos At That Link)

Congrats to HFD, and best of luck!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We Are Marshall

I just finished watching "We Are Marshall", recently released to premium cable after a theater run earlier this year.

EXCELLENT movie! It details the tragedy that Marshall University's football team suffered after a charter plane carrying almost the entire team, coaches, fans, and supporters crashed just short of a West Virginia runway, killing all 75 aboard.

The story documents the tragedy, and how Marshall University rebuilt it's football program after this devastating loss. The story is fascinating.

What I found to be the best part of the movie is that they used real footage. Some people who were involved in this whole ordeal had cameos in the movie. And at the end, they showed the actual person side by side with the actor playing that character.

Add this movie to your list!

High Visibilty Makes It To The Crown Vic

First time I've seen high-visiblity striping on a Crown Vic Police Interceptor. It really makes the car stand out.

Kudos to this agency for this progressive move!