Thursday, February 28, 2008

Holmes On Holmes

On my cable system, one of the few channels they carry beyond the "standard" cable channels is Discovery Home Network. This channel focuses on all things related to your home.

On Discovery Home, the carry a show called "Holmes On Homes" . It's a show that originates in Canada, where it airs on the Canada cable channel "Home And Gardens", where it is the highest rated show on the network.

It features this AWESOME general contractor, who goes in and fixes up houses for homeowners that have been victimized by shady or negligent contractors.

Mike, seems like an awesome and down-to-earth guy. He is knowlegable about all things home, and he puts all the problems encountered in an easy-to-understand manner. He makes the show very enjoyable and very educational to watch.

If you have Discovery Home, I highly reccomend checking it out or Tivo'ing it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Changing The Look...

I've changed the look of my blog, amonst some other newly added features and changed lingo. I also plan on starting to "blog" more often again, I know the blog has been relatively dormant for a while, but that's going to be keep checking back!

A Gas Station Without Gas

There is a Sunoco gas station on Central Ave, just north of West Hartdale Ave that I've been a customer of for a while.

A few months ago, every couple of days they'd run out of gas, then the pumps would break and be down for a couple of months. Several months ago, they replaced the pumps with brand new one. However, the pump are installed and ready to go-yet they still aren't turned on.

This gas station has a 24 hour Sunoco Mart, which tends to do great business, especially during the overnight hours. However, you ask the clerk when the gas is coming back, and he just shrugs-like he didn't even know they sold gas.

They can't even sell cigarettes anymore, a penalty of selling to minors. However, their overnight liquor and "other" sales to shady characters, some of which make the place a regular hangout, makes me wonder how and why they are staying in business.

The station is kept clean, at least. I just wished it had GAS!!!!

A Golden Oppurtunity At Hartsdale's 4 Corners

Just south of the intersection of Central Ave and West Hartsdale Ave (4 Corners) in Hartsdale, lies a golden real estate oppurtunity- and an oppurtunity for a desperately needed retail establishment.

We all know from my previous blog posts that Barnes and Noble is vacant, and Carvel (next door) will be closing. Well, now Carvel's neighbor, Domain, which is a high end furniture store, is going out of business.

Combined, and with appropriate traffic managment upgrades, this would be THE perfect spot for a Super Stop and Shop. The residents of Greenburgh, and Hartsdale, don't have a modern supermarket.

We have A&P and Pathmark on Central Avenue and Knollwood Rd, both of which are cramped, crowded, dirty, and obsolete.Central Avenue needs a full service, modern supermarket, and the Super Stop And Shop concept would fit perfectly in that location.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival!!!

The most anticipated summer music tour of my life has been announced....the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival!!

The headliners are two of my favorite bands and vocalists.......Disturbed featuring David Draiman and Slipknot featuring Corey Taylor on the main stage. Both will have NEW music from their NEW albums coming out in the spring! (which I'm also stoked about)

Among some of the other bands that are on the bill are Sevendust and Five Finger Death Punch, which I also really, really like.

I'm not sure which venue I'm going to go see it at when tickets go on sale, but I am stoked about it!

There Will Be Blood

Yesterday, Kris and I went to see the feature film, "There Will Be Blood" at the Regal Cinemas at Cortlandt Town Center.

First, I haven't been to the movie theater at Cortlant Town Center since it openened in the late 90's. We usually frequent the Cinema De Lux at City Center in White Plains. While I love the seating at White Plains, I find everything else about Regal at Cortlandt Town Center to be better. It's cleaner, the pre-fim "entertainement" is much higher quality, and most importantly, they pop the popcorn fresh.

OK, enough about the theatre. The movie, "There Will Be Blood", was awesome. Two thumbs up from me, and I highly reccomend seeing it while it's on the big screen. It's a story about an evil man, Daniel Plainview (played by Daniel Day-Lewis who gives an awesome performance playing the character-some of the best acting I've ever seen). who starts out as a silver miner who works his way up to an "oilman", prospecting and drilling for oil in the early days of the industry.

The cinematography was awesome, and scenery visually stunning. The story brilliant, and the way the whole movie it put together just captivates you. I loved the way the story was told, and the way the charecters were portrayed. I wasn't completly satisfied by the ending, but that's just because I wanted more. An epic classic. A quality films that gives me faith in the movie industry-there are still some great films out there.

I don't want to give to much away, so GO SEE IT! In the meantime, watch the trailer here:

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Mack-Lafrance?

With the recent Chapter 11 filing of American LaFrance, I pondered what the future could be for one of the largest fire apparatus manufacturers in the nation.

Then I though about Mack. They are a financially healthy unit of Volvo Trucks, and I feel if they got back into the fire apparatus market, they'd make a killing off the name alone...provided they could keep up the quality.

Mack could use American Lafrance's infastracture, including their brand new factory, and combine two legacies in fire apparatus to make for a potentially very powerful fire apparatus chasis and body manufaturing company.