Monday, December 04, 2006

Apparently, There Is A 1:00 In The Morning, Too.

So, let's ask why Seth is up and online at 0110hrs in the morning, when he really should be looking at the back of his eyelids and dreaming about his next trip to LA. (Luckily, and I say this sarcastically, I'm currently on 4 days of no sleep-insomnia so I wasn't sleeping anyways)

Well, it's 0110hrs here in the City Of Hartsdale FD Communications Center (read 0110hrs!), and our business line phone just rang. Guess who it was? Our friend Rosanna! And she went on for 5 seconds about some commisioner in Rye, and I hung up.

I know someone out there did this to me. Looking at the "Whos Online" list of EMTBravo, and listening to the radio, I have some suspects.

P.S. I'm starting to think this lady used to be a dispatcher, or maybe still is one and is among us. She's way too good at what she does, she knows all the right numbers to call. Hmmmm........

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