Friday, December 01, 2006

Big Crime Scene Right Outside My Window!

So, I'm sitting in my bed, relaxing and watching a Tivo'd episode of Seinfeld, when HFD23 calls me. Now, I heard a ton of sirens, but wasn't feeling so hot so I ignored it instead of trying to find out whats going on.

He says that @ 1 North Central there's a large crime scene outside my house here in the City Of Hartsdale. Sure enough, I open the window here at the EMTBravo offices that overlook Duane Reade, and theres a large police presence, inlcuding the GPD Crime Scene unit.

Word is on the street, and at the neighboring Sunoco station, that it was the "Bomber Robber", who robbed the Subway next to my house and other Westchester establishments by claiming he has a bomb and demanding money. There was reportedly a foot pursuit, and GPD Officer Pat Grady (a cop who wants to be and enjoys being a cop) made the collar. Sounds like quick action by GPD resulted in the capture of this brazen guy.

This is all I have right now, and the info is tentative. Thanks to HFD23 for the info.

Oh yes, and of course, I had to go get some photos. So here they are, before News 12 has it, before The Journal News, x635 and HFD23 have it!

Photos taken @ 2215hrs, Incident began around 2045hrs from what I understand. I really, really need to get a tripod.
Attached Image

Attached Image

Never a dull day here in Hartsdale. Oh yeah, what happened to the storm? I could see stars!!