Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Experience

Many of you are curious about my professional background or who I am, so here it is.

Fire Explorer since I was 14 years old, Explorer captain from 15 1/2-18, at 18-22 was a volunteer firefighter and explorer post advisor. Career EMT from 18-22, career dispatcher from 20-22, and a career Paramedic from 22- to now, 27. Career Firefighter from 26 to now, 27. Accepted with Hartsdale FD after deciding between offers from Montgomery County, MD and Los Angeles City FD, CA.

Education: Ardsley High School, Ardsley NY Graduated 1997

Northeastern University Boston MA (at 22-23 years of age, Northeastern University Paramedic Class 47 alumni) Associates Degree. NU Deans list.

Westchester County Career Chiefs Fire Academy, Class 03-05, Graduated 12/17/05. Instructors award.

Volunteer experience: Ardsley FD

Career Experience: Empress EMS-EMT-I (Yonkers & Mount Vernon EMS) , Stamford Hospital ED (EMT-I), Westchester County Police Dispatcher, 60 Control Dispatcher, UMass*Worcester ED (Paramedic), Westchester EMS-Paramedic (45 Medics), Hartsdale FD (Firefighter)

Worked (alongside) with: ALL Westchester County FD's, PD's, ESU's and EMS agencies, Stamford Fire, EMS &PD, Norwalk Fire, EMS, and PD, Worcester Fire, EMS and PD, Boston Fire, EMS, and PD, FDNY, Newark NJ EMS, Fire & PD and various other agencies.

Ridden Along With , trained with, or extensively observed operations: FDNY, Los Angeles City Fire Department, Los Angeles County Fire Department, UMDNJ Newark EMS, FDNY*EMS, Fort Lauderdale FD, Woburn MA FD, Boston FD & EMS, Greenburgh PD & EMS and various other agencies.

Professional course and certifications: Too lazy to list.
Total time in emergency services: 13 years (never worked another line of work). Seems petty in relation to somes career span, but I am lucky to have had such a wide array of experiences during this time.

Other related experiences: Very amateur photographer (but budding), and creator/founder, adminsitrator and webmaster of The EMTBravoGroup websites. Fire/EMS/PD/DPW, Plane, Train, and truck enthusiast. Internet addict. Diecast collector. Scanner enthusiast. Love to read. Have a ton of hobbies and projects I keep myself busy with.

Engaged. Wedding July 7, 2007. Homeowner. Proud resident of Hartsdale, NY.