Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Still Being Ignored By UMDNJ*EMS

Well, some of you know my dillemma about not being able to shoot University Hospital EMS- Newark NJ Rescue. I was denied after asking permission face-to-face with the director of the agency.

Here's the topic on EMTBravo Network for further information and history:

Here's an update on the situation.I have made several emails, calls, and letters to people at UMDNJ*EMS and the hospital public relations about obtaining photos, and haven't gotten any reply whatsoever. These were all sent progressively, when I didn't hear from one person, I waited, then went to the next, etc.

So, today I was in Newark, and the Rescue was in the yard. I waited for a few minute, to see if the rescue or ambulances would go out on a such luck. I parked my car, walked down the sidewalk, and managed to shoot standing away from the fence or across the street, but through a gap and over the fence, zoom in, and get a shot of their Rescue from a public street.

I think it is a beautiful piece, and the sun was shining right on it. It's too bad UMDNJ wants to ignore me, I have a ton of respect for their field personel, but this whole situation leaves me with a bad taste about UMDNJ....especially when I've had other agencies I've contacted be helpful and friendly. I'm told to I need formal permission to shoot their rigs in the yard, or get them from public property. Yet, I can't even get a hold of anyone to find out how to get formal permission. I can't chase rigs around Newark, especially when I live 1 hour away.

And here's the original shot, before I zoomed and cropped. You may reconize the yard for the internationally televised TV show shown on TLC and then Discovery Health, "Paramedics". The yard has also has been shown in a number of local media shots and videos, and other photographers have been allowed (I assume) to shoot this rig in the yard.

Take, for example,

Now I have contacts at UMDNJ that have offered to help, but since the Director wanted me to go through the formal channels, I am trying to do that per her to get to photograph this rescue.....

I live 1 hour from Newark, and I can't chase rigs around Newark to get photos, nor do I want to risk my safety by doing so, thats why I want to shoot this in the yard.

I'm not a crazy person, well maybe I am, but I just think that this situation and "policy" is ridiculous.