Sunday, December 23, 2007

Boton College Vs. Northeastern University

Yesterday, Kristen, my mother, sister, and I traveled to Boston College to attend the Boston College vs. Northeastern Mens basketball game. I graduated from Northeastern, and my sister from BC, so it was a fun game and rivalary. (My mother roots for BC though-crazy BC Men's basketball and football superfan) BC won, but only by a point and both teams played a great game. We had a great time, and a great dinner at Vinny T's in Brookline afterwards.

Believe it or not, this was my first time at a live sporting event. I must say, I enjoyed it tremendously. Much more fun to be there in person then to watch it on TV.

Also, I noticed Chipotle, my favorite burrito resturant chain, is making it's move into New England, opening two locations. One is in Brookline, MA..down the street from BC, and the other suprised me even West Warwick, RI where Bickford's used to be. And, across the street from Walt's Roast Beef......a favorite stop for me when I choose I-95 to travel home from Boston.

Why can everyplace else in the country get Chipotle but Westchester? CHIPOTLE...come to the Hudson Valley already so I don't have to travel by train once a week to Grand Central to satisfy my craving at the Chipotle near Lexington Ave on 44th St. I can guarentee it would be inmmensly popular!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Christmas Present From Bee-Line

I'd like to thank my good friend for this awesome Christmas gift.

It's a limited edition model of a Bee-Line Orion V, made by Loayza Enterprises
The model bus is numbered for 600, all Orion V's of this type operated by Bee-Line are 601 and above. It also reflects Route 20/Whte Plains on the front, but Route 20 usually operates with an artic (articulating bus). It is very detailed and accurate.

An awesome piece that I am very lucky to have!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Farnsworth Invention-GO SEE IT!

Last Sunday, December 9th, I had the chance to go see "The Farnsworth Invention", starring Hank Azaria (Voice of many characters on "The Simpsons") and written by Aaron Sorkin ("West Wing" creator)

This drama was based on the actual invention of the television, and all the drama and conterversy surrounding the main characters, Philo Fansworth and David Sarnoff. I found the show to be fast-paced, and packed with information. I went into the show after reading the reviews, expecting it to be so-so, but I really, really loved the show. The acting and the way the information was presented were both excellent. Very stimulating, great diologue, exactly what you would expect from Aaron Sorkin. Both Hank Azaria (David Sarnoff) and Jimmi Simpson (Philo Farnsworth) were both terrific in their roles. Hank Azaria's voice in the role of Sarnoff was great, sounded very similar to "Moe The Bartender" on "The Simpsons". Also had a great stage presence.

I highly reccomend this play. It's playing at the Music Box Theatre at 235 W. 45th St. in Manhattan. I don't know how long it's playing for, especially with Hank Azaria in the cast, so I'd see it as soon as possible.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Route 9A-Taconic State Parkway Flyover

This week, while returning from Croton, I noticed they opened the new Route 9A Southbound to Taconic State Parkway Southbound flyover, similar to the northbound version on the opposite side.

This makes things so much easier, no more getting off 9A in Hawthorne and getting off the exit and having to go down the road and get on that stupid BRP/Taconic/Sprain merge. Now, you just exit 9A and get directly onto the Taconic.

And, the project seems to have been completed really quickly. For once, a nice addition to our roadway system in the Lower Hudson Valley.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Visit To Orlando 12-1-07

Last week, Kris and I visited friends who live in Orlando, FL.

We had a great time, we visited Disney World (haven't been there since I was 4). I've got to say, Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain rock!

We also want to this amazing event called "Ice", at the Gaylord Palms Resort And Convention Center in Orlando. They fly in world famous Chinese Ice Sculptors, and take a large part of the convention floor and tents, and create these giant ice sculptures. You're given a parka as you walk through the exhibits, since it's nine degrees. When you exit, you have the option of taking a trip down a slide made entirely of ice. Really, really cool thing to do while in Florida during Christmastime!

One of the highlights of the trip was flying jetBlue out of HPN (Westchester County Airport). The trip down, we departed 5 minutes late and arrived 1/2 hour early! On the trip back, we were treated to an exciting landing courtesy of 40+ MPH wind gusts. Despite the plane rocking from side to side, the jetBlue pilot did an amazing job, and we landed smoothly, as the passengers erupted in applause. But we were stuck on the plane for 15 minutes after arriving at the gate.....because it was so windy, they couldn't get the airstairs to the plane safely.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Interesting England EMS Story

So, last night I picked my sister up from JFK airport. She is home for winter break. She is currently in graduate school on a full scholarship at Oxford in England.

Anyways, she tells me a story on the way home that she was at a party (in England), and a friend slammed his finger in the door, and in the process literally amputated it off. So, he's bleeding profusely, she calls 999 (their 911) while another friend puts the fingertip on ice.
The 999 operator says they'll send an ambulance, and hangs up. A few minutes later, the 999 operator calls back, and says there aren't any ambulances available, that they're all out at life-threatening emergencies and they'll have to figure out how to get to the hospital on their own. My sister informs the dispatcher that she's at a party with drunken college kids, this kid is bleeding a ton, in pain, and doesn't look good. The 999 dispatcher suggests someone drive him to the hospital. My sister again requests an ambulance be sent, and the dispatcher refused, saying there wasn't one ambulance within 45 miles that could take the call (in all of Oxfordshire County, which is pretty populated). She suggested they call a taxi (which where they were from experience would take a while and cost a lot), my sister asks them to send a police car, they say it isn't an emergency or police matter. She also informs the dispatcher that most of the kids are American and aren't familiar with where the proper hospital is, and the dispatcher says again to call a cab. So, finally my sister hangs up and finds one of their sober friends to come over, gets the kid, the finger, and brings him to the ED after having to call directory assistance because the dispatcher refused to provide hospital information.

England has socialist health care. Although I did enjoy "Sicko", this wasn't the scenario portrayed by Michael Moore in his movie.

Intresting story from my sister Danielle, just thought you all would find it interesting as well.

The 2007 Granville Christmas Tree

So, based on the fact that I'll hopefully be living just a little north of the area sometime soon (grrr on the housing market), I took the Jones Family Farm as recommended by friends on the EMTBravo Network forums.

We went to get our tree this afternoon. It was AWESOME! I couldn't believe the amount of trees they still had-rolling hills with hundreds of acres of beautiful trees. A very busy but very organized operation. I hope this place stays around for a while, and no greedy developer gets his hand on it.

And, coming up on the Merritt Parkway, one out of every 5 cars had a tree almost guarenteed from this place on their roof.

Jones Family Farms, Shelton CT- HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!!!

Here's me with the tree, right before I take it's life so it can sit in my living room for a month and then get tossed out....but I guess it's good in a way, it keeps money in agriculture and the tree usually reused somehow benefical. Plus, it's pretty, fun to decorate, smells nice and puts me in the Christmas spirit.