Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Greenville's 3rd Alarm 12-19-06

Well, the camera and I caught some action today. See the photos here:

This is my first real fire that I've really "buffed".....it happened that myself and x901 were having lunch right down the street, and listenting to my new scanner. We have shots from the time the first due units pulled up. Sucks for the family at this time of year though

Greenville Capt. Nugent was the IC, and did a great job. All the manpower worked very hard, this was a difficult structure especially the manpower involved in the first half hour. Older Type III construction with multiple renovations over the years. Plaster/lathe walls and Slate roof. Many different floors and built into a steep grade. Roofers on scene working on coppper gutters upon FD arrival. Several firefighters with minor/moderate injuries, including smoke inhalation, exhaustion, and muscle injuries, and I wish them well and a speedy recovery.