Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My New Garmin GPS c330

Recently, I aqquired a brand new Garmin c330 GPS Navigation system at a great price from

After debating between getting the Magellan Roadmate 700 or the Garmin c330, I decided on the Garmin after reading user reviews, and my experience with it in my rental car when during my last trip to LA. I like the simlicity, quick accuracy, and very innovative and easy mount.

Today, I had the chance to try it out while on a photo hunt in Southwestern CT, and I LOVED it! Very easy, very accurate, and I can't wait to bring it out to LA with me during my next trip. I'm glad I made this purchase. It really helps a lot.
The mount is the best part. It comes with 3 rubber feet, and you just place it on the dash, and it stays put...even when going around sharp curves. Also, it just plugs into the cigarette lighter....and the antenna is internal and gets great reception when mounted on the dash.