Friday, December 08, 2006

Urinal Butterflies?

OK, so as most of you know, my camera comes EVERYWHERE with me, and therefore documents everything I see that interests me.

Since I have a severe bladder disease, I spend a lot of time at urinals in all different kinds of places all over the country, so this is something that interests me. I will be installing one in my next home as well.

I was in the bathroom at JFK Terminal 4 late last night, and it was empty. Now, something I've been noticing on urinals at JFK is that they have this small butterfly graphic on the urinal . Actually, on a lot of urinals throughout JFK I've noticed. Do women have the same thing?

What is this supposed to be for? Is this supposed to be a target, so if you aim there it will all go in, and not some on the floor, therefore saving the janitors some work and keeping the bathroom cleaner? Are us men really that stupid or childish that we need a target to aim at to keep our urine in the urinal? Geesh.

Just wondering what the deal is with these butterflies? I mean, I've seen targets and even ads in the urinals before, but these butterflies have me wondering?