Friday, January 19, 2007

A Box Of Chocolates

So, as many of you know, I had a problem with White Plains Honda and their shady sales practices back in December, as detailed in this blog:

Yesterday, I recieved a call from the Westchester County Department Of Consumer Protection. They stated they have completed their investigation, and since they haven't recieved similar complaints about White Plains Honda, that they scolded them for their practices and put them on warning, noting it on record, and that the next time they will recieve a violation. The investigator asked them how they wished to resolve the issue with me, and they stated "We'll Send Him A Box Of Chocolates". The investigator thought that would be insulting, and told the dealership manager so.

So today, UPS shows up at my door. I'm not expecting a package. I open the package, and it's a box of chocolates- with a note-

"Sorry If Your Experience Was Less Then Sweet
Brian Benstock And White Plains Honda"'
Are they kidding me? I was swindled and lied to by their dealership, spent 6 hours of my time on a rare Saturday off, sitting there expecting to purchase the car, was treated like shit by the finance, sales, and dealership manager, and given aggrevation and dissapointment, and this is how they apologize? They can take their box of choclates and shove it. It will be returned to sender, along with a nice little note from me.

An simple acceptable, respectful resolution for me would have been to send me a letter of apology. The box of chocolates with that note is an insult.

I'm glad that others have shared there experiences with White Plains Honda with me. I encourage you to contact the appropriate resources to ensure that other consumers are protected from these fraudulent and nasty people.