Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Los Angeles: Day 2

Today started at 05:30hrs PST, with me hitting the road to check out what was at the fire apparatus dealerships in Ontario, CA. One of the reasons I was up so early, besides the time difference, is because I went to sleep at 2000hrs PST, because I was spent. I am disapointed, I missed watching Heroes, on top of that with Kris. Inbetween, I was just about everywhere in LA City today. I'm just getting to the hotel now, the Standard on the Sunset Strip, which is AWESOME! I'm about to go for a stroll and get some dinner.

I got a lot of great photos today, but I'm shot, so I'll share a few with you for this evening, Sorry for the short and detail-lacking entry this evening. More photos from today will be posted upon my return home. (I don't want to leave the 65 degree and sunny weather! Can I take it home with me?)