Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Quoted In The Journal News Today

Did anyone see I was quoted in the Journal News article about jetBlue coming to Westchester County Airport today?

"That's awesome," said Seth Granville, 27, a Hartsdale firefighter and self-described JetBlue fan and stockholder, who had just gotten off a JetBlue flight to Los Angeles and spoke between bites of an In-N-Out burger. "I can't wait. I'll be on the Web booking the first flight. I plan on being on their inaugural flight. That's something the true JetBlue fans do. A lot of my friends and co-workers are really looking forward to it. It's going to add a tremendous convenience to Westchester and Fairfield County residents. This is the best - to be able to drive to West-chester County Airport and fly out of here."

Here's the rest of the article:

Thanks to CAREN HALBFINGER and my anonymous source for their awesome coverage of this great news for Westchester!