Thursday, January 18, 2007

McDonald's Going Retro

Yesterday, driving past the Mcdonald's on Route 6 in Danbury, I got quite the suprise. They had built a brand new Mcdonalds building to replace the old, standard looking Mcdonalds.

The new building is retro, and the design gives a nod to the Mcdonalds of times past. I first saw this design in 2005, when it was in prototype stage, in Lancaster California. I really, really like this design.

However, I must note that I HATE Mcdonalds food. It's overly-processed crap, and I feel sick whenever I eat it....which nowadays is never. I wish they would takes this retro theme further, get rid of all this crap on their menu, stop trying to be "healthier", and go back to their roots.....fresh and inexpensive tasty burgers, fries, and shakes. That's what would revive Mcdonalds. But they are making millions with the way they are doing things now, and as long as the masses or executives don't give a crap about quality food or chemicals they are putting into their bodies, then Mcdonalds will continue to thrive serving crap "food". Take a lesson from In "n" Out Mcdonalds.