Friday, January 05, 2007

Al Gore Was Right!

On Monday, I watched "An Inconvienent Truth", the Al Gore movie on global warming. It was fascinating, but scary. I think everyone should watch it. It's sad, especially learning that polar bears will drown and become extinct. I know some probaly disagree with the movie or global warming, but I think it is a proven reality that needs to be addressed, before it's too late. Watch the movie, then argue with me.

And, with the weather being the way it's been lately, and after interviewing several "old-timers" (those over 30 years old), I've learned these winters have had more extremes and less regular snowfalls and cold spells then years past. I know I'll be saying "Global Warming- Phooey!" when I'm shoveling snow and it's 30 degrees out soon, but I still don't think winter in New York is anything like it used to be.