Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bye Bye, Blackberry

Well, after over a month with the new Blackberry, and after admiring HFD23's new Nextel i580, I decided to ditch the Nextel Blackberry 7100i in favor of a Nextel i580.

Although the Blackberry was chock full of features, maybe even too many for my liking, I didn't like the feel of the phone- I truely prefer a flip phone. It was also too businesslike, and the layout and use of the phone features weren't nearly as convient for my taste as the i580 or my previous i730. And, as I've proven to myself in the past, I don't have the patience or drive to stick to using a PDA. Pen and paper notes and schedule work just fine for me.

The new i580 is a perfect fit for me- it's a flip, and is built rugged, and the case is designed to be weather and shock resistant. It's a rugged looking phone designed to take a beating. I really like the feel and features of this phone so far. It has some really cool features that I'm looking foward to trying. I also like the simulated diamond plate on parts of the phone.

It's also neat because it is a cameraphone, although I carry a camera everywhere all the time, I think it may be a neat tool. I also got one of those obnoxious mini hands-free bluetooth headsets, which should make things easier.

I considered the new Nextel "hybird" dual mode phones, but after reading some reviews, I'm going to wait 'til the technology develops some more. Plus, I don't want to have to have two seperate plans for one phone.

Thanks to HFD23 for helping me out with selecting this new phone. (The Blackberry is going back to Nextel or is for sale at the right price) And to TMil for recieiving the phone from FedEx while I was in codes class.