Wednesday, January 24, 2007

See Ya Later LA!

Well, as I sit here at Burbank Airport awaiting jetBlue flight #358 with nonstop direct "redeye" service to JFK, my January '07 trip has come to a close. My plane, "Mystic Blue", is the same Airbus A320 that brought me out to LA on Monday.

Although I will miss my 2007 Mercedes ML350 ( a lot, what a GREAT car! I MUST have one!) and of course, the weather, I am lookg foward to arriving home tommorow morning, no matter how cold it is.

I had a great day today. The Standard West Hollywood was great, my dinner at Paquito Ma's last night comes close to topping Chiptoles. I enjoyed a nice people watching stroll during the evening down the Sunset Strip, omne of my favorite activities when I'm in LA.

I got plenty of photos today. I hope to have a chance to post and share them tommorow. Today, I covered a lot of ground, and my favorite part of the day was my tour of the Los Angeles COUNTY FD shops. Although the LA City FD shops is more impressive to me, LACoFD shops were awesome. The facilities are very cramped, especially now since they are processing dozens upon dozens of brand new KME Severe Service Predator Engines. There must have been 20 or so at the shops during my visit. Like LA City, they do it all and can build anything. Besides the brand new Engines, they had several brand new 2007 Chevrolet Suburbans, and numerous Paramedic squads that were being equiped for service.

All and all, Los Angeles City and County FD are a very impressive operation, and we should take a lesson from the way they do things. I'll be writing more upon my return home, but there were numerous things that they do that I find no reason why we can't accomplish in Westchester.

Stay tuned to and, where I'll be posting my photos from this great trip as soon as I can.