Friday, September 01, 2006

We've arrived in L.A.!!

Well, after being away from LA for nearly a year, I've finally back in L.A., my favorite city and third home. This time, it's ten times better because Kristen is here!! I'm actually writing from our hotel room here in downtown LA. Flew American Airlines from JFK into LAX, which is not nearly as good as jetBlue, the lack live Direct TV and friendly attentive staff on AA make a big difference. The new AA terminal is very nice. The plane was awesome and clean, it was a Boeing 767 and we sat in an exit row with just two seats, so we had a ton of legroom and nobody sitting next to us. There were ground delays at JFK, and at LAX. We left JFK around 1900 NYC time, and arrived in LA around 2330 LA time. We got an awesome rental car, a Jeep Wrangler soft top with Sirius Sattelite radio. Kristen's ears havent popped yet, so I'm speaking loudly.

We're staying at an awesome, very trendy LA hotel, The Standard Downtown. It's pretty neat.

Here's a video from us descending into LAX aboard AA Flight 165.

And here's a video from the landing:

Anyways, we're exhausted...its 5AM NY time right now/2AM LA time and we will try to give you updates from here in LA as internet access permits. Will be up early tommorow, and having a great day! Swim in the hotel pool, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Dinner at Spagos, and a cruise down Sunset Boulevard with the Jeep's top down is on the agenda, and hopefully some LAFD photos as well.

P.S. My new x635 computer arrived today, so I will have something to look foward to when I get back.