Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back from L.A.!

A little late on keeping up with the blog, but it's been hectic. Just got back from vacation, am in the middle of a day tour swing, and I'm setting up the new computer, so I'll make this entry quick.

We're back from L.A., and had an awesome last day...basically just explored the OC coast before heading to LAX to catch our return flight, which this time had no delays and was also a Boeing 767. LA is awesome, awesome, awesome, and can't wait to return in October. The traffic annoyed me a bit this time, but that's just because we had such a packed itinerary. I definetly want to spend a few more nights at the Hyatt Newporter, what an awesome hotel, and sitting on Newport Beach at night. That was my favorite moment of the trip. Second favorite moment, eating at Spagos. Best meal every. Best moment of the trip...Kris being there! I love SoCal! Good photos too which I will be sharing soon.

I had to work yesterday, and my new computer arrived. I took today off (Thanks Timmy M. for covering on a Kelly day!) so I could set up and play with the new computer. So far, I've spent most of my time try to migrate my Outlook emails and contacts over. Ugh. I think I've finally figured it out. The new computer is AWESOME, I will take pics once everything is settled. It flys, and multitasks very well. Having two monitors makes life so much easier when you multitask, and the ability to watch TV while working on the other on one is great. Will save me from missing some shows. Can't wait to Outlook is finished exporting so I can straighten everything up, remove my old computer, and put this new computer into full service.

I went birthday shopping for Kris today, tommorow is her 27th. I'm so excited to give her her gifts, I always have to do my shopping a day before because I have trouble holding onto good gifts. Hopefully, I'll be able to convince her to open them on "Birthday Eve". Tommorow nighjt, we're doing dinner at our favorite sushi joint, Sushi Mikes on the corner of Cedar and Main in Dobbs Ferry. I love the Dobbs Ferry Roll there, and havent had it in a while!

Anyways, be on the lookout on EMTBravo.com for my LA Bliss Trip In Photos and my August 2006 in Photos coming soon!