Tuesday, September 26, 2006

For The M-7 Fans...

Tonight, while on my weekly Metro-North/Chipotle run after taking my sister to the airport, I shot some video of Metro North M-7 trains for those who are interested. I love the distinctive sight and sound of an M-7, and these videos now allows me to enjoy it anytime.

Here, an M-7 arrives at Hartsdale from Grand Central Terminal

....And departs to White Plains next stop, final stop North White Plains

And here's my 1939 train to Grand Central arriving in Hartsdale...

Other photos from tonight:

My delicous Chipotle Mexican Grill (the one on 44th) burrito. Contains carnitas (AKA pork), rice, black beans, guacomole, sour cream, and cheese.

And, how lucky I was tonight. Lexington Ave was closed, and NYC*DOT was milling the roadway in preparation for paving. I love their Mack Granite dump trucks, and I got to see a TON of them. Here's a photo, and thats another one off my list, although I would like a daylight shot at some point.

That's all for tonight!