Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Noroton Heights Engine 23

Today, on my way to my doctors appointments in Stamford, I stopped by Noroton Heights, CT. Exit 10 off I-95, between Stamford and Norwalk, in the Town Of Darien. I am a huge Mack CF fan and fan of this fleet. If you remember, myself and x901 shot their fleet back in Fenruary. Here's a link to that photo shoot:

Noroton Heights FD Mack Mecca

This department has one of the most beautiful and most unique fleets around, and in addition, are set up to work. They are housed in a firehouse that compliments these rigs nicely. The fleet is standardized, consisting entirely of Macks, with all but one being CF's. Most have been recently completly overhauled, and are in basically new condition.

Recently, their newest engine, Engine 23, was delivered. Here'a a video of it pulling out of quarters.

Listen to that Mack purr!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noroton Heights FD Engine 23 a 2006 Mack CF/Marion Rescue Engine. Its former life was spent entirely at "The Rock", FDNY's training academy (notice the Taz breaking through the rock graphic on the cab door). It was aqquired at auction in very good condtion in 2004, never seeing much street action or abuse at The Rock. The chasis was completly gutted and rebuilt by Mid-Hudson Mack and Marion. A new aluminum body was fabricated, and customized to fit the departments needs. Mostly every part under the hood is new. I was extremly impressed with the amount of space on this engine, and how everything was layed out according to firefighters needs. The exhaust stack, keeps diesel exhaust out of firefighters faces and lungs at scenes. The absorbent hopper was a very convienent feature, and the first time I've seen it on an engine. I liked the large arrowstickl on the back, which makes it noticeable on the interstate. The pump panel is uncluttered and simple. And with all the engine carries, it is relatively compact in wheelbase and size. And I was shocked at the price tag, which is considerably less then many new rescue engines.

This engine is first out on all I-95 and Automotive Rescue calls, and sees a lot of work with Route 1 and I-95 intersecting through their district.

Noroton Heights Engine 23 is one of my newest favorite engines.


By the way, here is Engine 23 BEFORE it was refurbed (courtesy NHFD website)

And here's a really crappy video I took, walking around the rig. Hey, I'm still learning this video thing: