Wednesday, August 30, 2006

County PD Fleet Keeps Getting Cooler

Well, yesterday, as I'm putting my pack back onto Engine 170, after another run, what do I see? A Westchester County PD car, responding through Hartsdale (Bronx River Parkway was closed) with a "Highway patrol" bar. You know, the kind that has two arms that raise in the air. If anybody catches good shots of this car with their camera, I'd love to post on It was very cool looking car, County PD is highway patrol and should have highway patrol bars. Definetly a great addition because of the limited visibility, high speeds, and layout of the parkways they patrol.

Secondly, next month the Westchester County PD will take delivery of their new $3.25 million helicopter, and have $1 million in accesories, such as a thermal imaging system, stokes winch, and bambi bucket, from what I understand. In todays day and age, the assistance that this helicopter can provide is definetly a worthwhile asset...look how much use LA and other areas get out of theirs during rescues, not to mention how valuable they can be during (and even to prevent) crimes and natural disasters. And our County P.O.'s should not be flying around with what they have now.

What else is new with the Westchester County PD fleet? Seem like every time I turn around nowadays, they have something new and exciting fleetwise. They went from having a pretty boring fleet a couple years back, with plain old striping with a standard MX7000 lightbar, to having a diverse fleet of brand new cars and trucks with a awesome new graphics packages, great reflective striping, and LED's up the ying yang. I've been waiting a long time to see them add high-performance cars, and now they even have Dodge Chargers in their fleet! Yet, their fleet seems to be elusive to cameras......never anywhere to be found when I want photos.

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