Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Real Orange County

Well, we made it down here to the real Orange County- Califonia, and it is BEAUTIFUL! We're staying in the Hyatt Newporter, where Kristen's friend hooked us up with a HUGE suite! The weather is beautiful- perfect acutally- I hear it's not so much like that back home. We met up and I met for the first time Dave, Christine, and Jenn, who are awesome people and I look foward to spending more time with. Kristen has kept in close touch with them, but hasn't seen them in 3 years, the reuninon was exciting and they had a lot to catch up on back here at their old stomping grounds (Kris was a manager here at this beautiful resort of a hotel)

This hotel has 3 pools, and hot tubs, and I think it's time to go for a swim!

Today, we'll be exploring the OC a little more, then heading up to LA and LAX to catch our AA flight back to NY, and work tommorow for me. :-(. I'll be back in a month, and better yet, another trip with Kristen to Orlando FL to visit friends in 2 weeks. I wish my mother would get on a plane, she would totally love it and move out here and I'd have an excuse and capability to come anytime. But she loves her hometown sort of.

'Till the next update! Haivng fun in SoCal!
-x635 & Kris (x635A?)

P.S. Just to tease, caught some more LA City FD stuff on my way down here. Here's a sneak preview, look for more of my LAFD photos coming soon to &!