Monday, September 11, 2006

9-11-06 In Midtown Manhattan

This morning, I had an appointment in midtown Manhattan. On this somber morning, I'm glad I could observe the moments of silence in the city where this tragedy took place.

I have published an article on how I remember 9/11 on

As usual, I took the train into the city. The 9:06AM express from Hartsdale was quite a suprise and was a diesel train, being pushed by a Metro North Genesis #211. The Bombadier cars on these trains ride so smooth, and the cars and seats seem more spacious then the M-series.

I arrived at Grand Central, and exited via Grand Central North, on my way to 59th St. and Central Park West. This trip brought me Rockefeller Center, where the Today Show was just finishing it's broadcast. I heard Al Roker announcing Toby Keith, and I managed to weave my way through the crowd quickly just as he began to sing a song about America.

After the Today Show stop, I continued on my way to my destination. As I passed 51st St & 7th Ave, I saw a NYPD Dodge Charger for the first time in person. This car is hot! Seems a little wide for city driving though.

After my appointment, it was time to head home. I caught the 11:02 local train to Hartsdale, and it was a new M-7, thankfully, ending my M-7 drought that had lasted nearly a month.

As I said, it was quite a somber and sad mood in the air in the city today. But life must go on, and the city is stronger then ever. It makes me proud, and sad at the same time.