Friday, September 01, 2006

LA Bliss!

Well, our first full day in LA was awesome! We had such a great day!

The day started with checking out the awesome club and pool on the rooftop of the hotel (The Standard Downtown LA), which was complete with a view of downtown L.A. and waterbeds....yes, waterbeds. This place is funky. Last night when we got back, it is one of the hottest nightspots in town, they were turning away a lot of people, and we were able to waltz right in (even though we went right to our room, tired from the day- we both aren't into the club scene, especially this trendy LA one. I will swim in the pool Saturday morning though.

And, while on the roof, this LAFD light force was responding somewhere downtown. I'm pretty sure it was a small parade my friend Orlando organized to welcome me back to LA. (and, on a completly different subject, by the way, my friend Mike Marino from GPD, looks like he is a Southern California motorcycle cop. GPD needs a motorcycle division with him. I'm telling you, all the CHP and LAPD motorcycle guys must be related to him!) BTW, thanks Orlando and Mike Truck 4 for telling me the major emergency high rise fire WAS A BLOCK FROM MY HOTEL!!! That's where this light force was going when we were chilling on the roof!! And I missed it, lol! But without Orlando, I'm horrible at buffing LA fires unless I directly come upon one.

Next, it was off to cruise Sunset Boulevard, from Hollywood to Santa Monica, a ritual for me. First stop was for lunch, at In 'n' Out, which is one of the best places ever. We had the double-double combos with vanilla shakes. (All ingredients are FRESH, In'n'Out doesn't own a freezer, microwave, or heatlamp. The food is delicous, and I am addicted. It's fast food, but nothing like what you would think. Ask Jim Arena, Truck4, or tbendick, they know what I'm talking about!

I should mention, having a truck that you can put the top down on and ride around LA is AWESOME! However, putting the top down on a Jeep Wrangler is a HUGE pain in the ass, and I can't figure out why Jeep needs to make it so difficult. Plus, having a beautiful girl to cruise around in this type of truck with is always a plus!

Next, I was able to get a shot of one of my favorite engines, Beverly Hills Engine 2, a 2005 Pierce Dash with a Pierce CAFS system which they train on and know how to use, have used, and love. I hope to shoot their whole fleet in October, the guy invited me back to.

Next, continuing donw Sunset Boulevard, we caught LAFD Truck 69 pulling into quarters in Pacific Palisades. Engine 269 and Rescue 69 were right behind it, and got photos of them too. T-69 is one of the last remaining open cab tillers in LA City, and is going to be replaced soon with one of the new ALF's. .

And then we hit the Pacific Ocean, before we had to head back to the hotel to change for the Tonight Show And Spagos. Will Rogers State Park Beack, the Pacific Ocean sand was so soft, and we both love the beach. Hopefully we can do some ocean swimming when we're in the OC.

The Tonight Show was AWESOME!!! Jay was hilarious, and very down to earth.The whole live taping process was very efficient. On the show were Brooke Shields, Jerome Bettis, and the Foo Fighters, all very enjoyable. I liked Jerome the best, seemed very down to earth, and a big guy. Brooke Shield was pretty down to earth and smart considering as well, and taller then I thought.

Then, we had some time to burn until Spago's, so we cruised Mulholland Drive. and Bel Air Very scenic and awesome road to drive, and very curvy. Here's a photo of us from the the Mulholland Scenic Park overlook, near the foot with Cayunga. Kristen and I checked out future real estate aspirations as well.

While driving down Sunset Boulevard, we caught this LAFD light force responding. It's so easy to shoot from a Jeep Wrangler! Here's the video, it sucks...but I'm just learning this video thing and I was driving in heavy traffic (yet pulled over and stopped!)

Then, it was off to Spagos, which was the BEST meal I've ever had. Kristen enjoyed it a ton as well. I had for first course, the Maine lobster, baby shrimp, mussels with hand cut linguini in a great oil sauce. For second course, it was the pan seared liberty duck which was the best meal I've ever had. Kristen had the Angoltti, which was a delicious sweet corn pasta. I loved it as well, and tried to steal it many times succesfully. For her second course, she had the veal shank, which was very tender juicyand all around great especially with the accompanying polenta. BTW, Spago's is Wolfgang Puck's Signature resturant on North Canon Drive in Beverly Hills. Prices are very reasonable too, considering the quality and service you recieve.

Well, we are exhausted, it's late, and this report is being filed from our hotel after a LONG action packed day, and I can barely type on a laptop. I wanted to write more. Tommorow, it's down the coast to Orange County. Look for a more complete photograpic and trip report from photos gathered today coming to upon our return. Sorry I couldn't share more about this awesome day, but I'm beat. I'll try to update the blog again tommorow. I LOVE LA and Kristen! Goodnight!