Monday, September 25, 2006

Back From Orlando

Last night, I got back from a very nice weekend in Orlando. with Kristen It was awesome to meet and spend time with Kristen's friends. Unfortunetly, I didn't have much time or oppurtunity to shoot anything much. Here are some of my reflections on the trip.

We flew out of LaGuardia Aiport. I've never flown out of Laguardia before, what a DUMP! At least the gates we flew out of (B-5) were very run down, dirty, cramped, and outdated. The jetBlue flight down was OK, the plane "Bippity Boppity Blue" was nice, it had the new larger screen jetBlue seatback monitors, which were real nice, yet still not upgraded for XM radio. The one benefit of flying out of and back into Laguardia are the awesome views it affords you of Manhattan. It is closer then JFK, but I still feel JFK is an easier and cleaner airport to deal with.

Orlando, what to say about Orlando? The people are very friendly, and other then theme parks and tourist attractions, there's not much to do. We did not go to any theme parks, as I really have no interest in them. We did go to "Downtown Disney", which is a collection of shops, resturants nightclubs, and entertainment venues on Disney's property. It's pretty amazing the stronghold Disney and the tourism industry has on the area. We ate lunch Saturday at Too-Jays, a local "deli-resturant" chain down there which was really really good, and they had great deserts, and Sunday we ate out the House Of Blues, the food was good but nothing too exciting. Saturday niight was spent at Dustin and Michelle's house, eating some home cooking and playing "Crainium" turbo edition.

Orlando is deep south, especially when you get to the outskirts. One of the things I wanted to see while I was down there was a real, live alligator. Not one in a park or anything, I wanted to see one in the wild. Dustin took me to some alligator prone areas, and I did not see a single one...anywhere. I am very doubtful that alligators exist as much as people say they do down there now. Everything is a new development. And Orlando is very, very flat.

Here's are some of the photos I got during this trip. This one is from one of the rivers we went looking for alligators at.

One of the Walt Disney World fire hydrants. The valves are on the back of the hydrant. This is wierd, I've never seen a wet-barrel like this before.
Here's me trying on some hats at the Disney Store. This one fit me perfectly.

A Florida squirrel. Their tails are nowhere nearly as bushy as NY squirrels.

The boat "Jenny" from "Forrest Gump" at Downtown Disney.

A really cool Lego sculpture at Downtown Disney. I wonder who gets paid to do this kind of work?

One of Disney's newer shuttle buses. Never seen a model like this, looks real good. Anyone know the brand?

These are "lovebugs". Apparently, these were some lab experiment gone very wrong, and now these bugs are everywhere. It's mating season for them, and apparently they mate by attaching at the butt and stay attached to each other like that for weeks.

A crane set up at one of MCO (Orlando International Airports) gates.

A very nicely landscaped area to look at while you are waiting for your plane at Orlando's beautiful airport. Did I mention I also got to see jetBlue's LiveTV hangar?

A Southwest Boeing 737 with blended winglets sits at one of Southwest's gates.

And here's the plane we flew back to NY-LGA on, jetBlue's "Blues Brothers". This one did not have the upgraded seatback monitors, or XM yet.

And here's Bippity Boppity Blue, the plane we flew to MCO on, at an adjacent gate.

Shortly after takeoff from MCO, I believe we were over Daytona Beach.

And sunset from Seat 23A on the way back to NY-LGA

And here's the video of the above photo.

All in all, a great trip and we had fun. Thanks to Bernie and Timmy for covering my mutuals so I could take this trip.

This coming Sunday, it's off to San Francisco, then LA. for a full out buff, err, I mean enthusiasty trip. I may photo-blog my way through this trip, so stay tuned for details on that. Then, I return home for a day, and it's off to Oregon for a week.
That's it for now.