Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Where Old Metro North Trains Go To Die..

Today, while driving home from Fishkill, I decided to peek around Croton to see if I could get any train photos. Well, I did. I found where Metro-North puts old trains to die, right before they get scrapped. They are visible from a road that leads to many yacht clubs and marinas. It is where the old "Croton North" train station was. There were some M-1's there, in bad shape. And north of this yard was really cool, it was a freight yard for CSX, which I never knew existed up until a couple of months ago.

Here are the photos:

And while taking my photos, a Metro North Genenis Diesel train roared by...

Oh, and yesterday on my Chipotle Mexican Grill run in Manhattan, I saw a MTA PD car marked for "Highway Patrol" with the highway patrol bar.

That's all for now.....