Monday, September 18, 2006

Sun Rises Over JFK Terminal 6

This morning, I had a day off from work, and went to pick up Kristen bright and early from the airport. Happy she is back.

Lucky for me, she was flying jetBlue, which means I had an oopurtunity to visit my favorite airline terminal, jetBlues Terminal 6 at JFK. And it looks like they are moving right along with contstruction of their new terminal, the site of the classic former TWA Terminal

As I said, construction is moving along quite rapidly. They say the new terminal will open in early 2009, but I think and hope maybe sooner. Doesn't look like they've begun work yet on restoring the original TWA terminal.

Here is another view of the construction. In the back of the site, you can see the temporary satellite terminal. They are using this for 7 additional gates until their new terminal is open. You get there by taking a looping shuttlebus from Terminal 6. It seems that most of the Embraer E-190 flights use the satellite terminal.

Here, you can see one of the loop shuttles and the path it takes.

And here's another view of the contruction:

And finally, here is a neat shot I got of a jetBlue tail:

This Friday, I will be flying jetBlue out of LaGuardia, to visit Kristen's friends in Orlando, FL. I've never flown out of LaGuardia before, so that experience should be cool.
And a week after that, is my jetBlue flight to San Francisco (actually into Oakland) then a jetBlue flight the next day down the coast into L.A. Then, when I'm back from that, it's off to Oregon on American Airlines.....hey, can't turn down a free flight.