Saturday, February 03, 2007

Update on Seth

Hi everyone,

This is Kris, Seth's fiance, and I wanted to send a quick message with an update and message from Seth (for those of you who hadn't heard, unfortunately Seth was involved in an accident at work last Sunday).

First, please accept our heartfelt thanks for all of your thougths, prayers and concern. Although it was a frightening week, Seth is extremely strong and recovers more every day. He is very appreciative to hear about how many friends were thinking of him.

Of course we're thrilled to have him home! Please note he is not currently on his cell phone but when he's up to it I'm sure you'll definitely be hearing from him.

While I wish it were under different circumstances, it was wonderful to meet so many of Seth's wonderful friends and co-workers. We are so fortunate to have such fantastic support.

Seth's recovery will be difficult and slow but we're very optimistic and staying positive. Seth's activities are very limited and he won't be on the computer for a while. As soon as he's able to walk and sit up for longer periods I'm certain you'll see a blog from him. He's very anxious to start therapy and get back to the firehouse as soon as possible. His wait staff (me ) is taking good care of him and will ensure he stays positive and as comfortable as possible.

Thank you again so much for everything. Should you need to reach Seth in the next few days please feel free to email me at and he'll get the message.

With gratitude,