Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Take On The jetBlue Crisis

As many of you know, I am an avid fan of jetBlue for many reasons. I have been following their current operational crisis, and I strongly maintain my faith in the airlines.

Even though jetBlue's actions this past week affected thousands of their passengers as well as got them some very bad publicity, I know jetBlue will recover from this and come out an even stronger airliner.

One of the main reason I fly jetBlue is because their customer service is superior, and the in-flight comfort is the best in the industry. As many of you have read, the cause of this situation was jetBlue trying to get flights out during an icestorm, and that didn't pan out. It snowballed from there, and jetBlue was not prepared to handle a crisis of that magnitude. However, the issue of passengers being trapped on planes for the amount of time they were is inexusable.

I am proud that David Neelman stood up and took full responsiblity for his company's problem. I like that they are introducing a Passenger Bill Of Rights. I know many customers will continue to fly jetBlue, and I know jetBlue will take the right road to recovery from this meltdown.

And BTW, the other major airlines have their issues too. I too would be pissed if I was a passenger of jetBlue at this time, but I know that jetBlue cares more about it's customers then any other airline does. That shines through this crisis.