Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Must Have For Any Seagrave Fan

Recently, I purchased "Seagrave 125th Anniversary- A Pictoral History Of Seagrave Fire Apparatus" by Matthew Lee.
This book is AWESOME, and very comprehensive. There are some great photos of Seagrave apparatus from the begining up until now
Due to unprecedented demand, Matt Lee, renowned author of many fire truck
history books, has decided to update, and re-release his 1991 book, originally
entitled "Seagrave".
Written in an easy-to-read manner, Mr. Lee traces the
history of the Seagrave Company from its 1881 beginning, right up to 2006
There are over 1,000 photos or sketches. Rather than using
captions, he discusses the significance of each and what makes that photo
unique. The photos are superb. They are not only from Mr. Lee's extensive
collection, but also from the collections of over 36 noted fire historians and
photo collectors. Some photos are very old, but none-the-less remarkably crisp
and clear.
Included is one remarkable 1937 photo testifying to the strength
of the truss ladder showing 35 men, weighing 5,822 pounds standing on the base
of an 85 foot ladder and causing a deflection of 5/8 of an inch. The book is
structured as follows: The Early Years (1881-1912); The Buckboard Era
(1907-1916); The Gable Hood Era (1913-1926); The Round Hood Era (1921-1935); The
Full Grille Era (1935-1951); The 70th Anniversary Series (1951-1970); and The
Modern Era (1959-2006).
It's available from the FSP Books And Videos, the BEST exclusive fire and EMS bookstore on the internet.
Here's the link: