Monday, February 12, 2007


Yesterday, Kris and I decided to try the online grocery delivery service, Peapod.

Peaapod, along with Stop and Shop, allows you to shop for groceries online, including deli and bakery items. . Anything they have in the store, they have online. Prices are the same as in store, and you can use coupons and the many Peapod special offers. We got 15% off our first order The site is very easy to navigate and use. The products are very high quality, and delivered in trucks designed to keep the products at the proper tempature. They are the same products you'd find in your local Stop & Shop, but they come from a special Peapod delivery depot

Among it's many features is it allows you to keep a grocery list during the week, and then automatically place an order. It allows you to organize the store in a variety of ways, such as based on your diet. Other features allow you to view nutritional information, and compare products.There is also a "Reorder" section so you can quickly reorder the products you commonly use. You can schedule a delivery for anytime you want, and they bring the bags right into your kitchen.

The delivery fee is very reasonable, $9.95 for purchases under $100, and $6.95 for purchases over $100.

Our order was delivered within the timeframe promised, all items that we ordered were there, the produce waas very fresh and looked good, and most importantly, the driver was courteous and freindly.

I highly reccomend trying Peapod for your grocery shopping. Especially with me being immobile right now, it's a great way to shop for groceries without having to go to the grocery store, go up and down the aisles and play BattleCarts, wait on lines, and schlep the groceries to your car and then into your house.

Peapod- Easy, Convienent, Competitevly priced, very low delivery rocks! Definetly try it out once.