Saturday, February 17, 2007

Photos Of Ardsley PD's New Car 98

Ask and you shall recieve. Still can't wait to photograph it myself though!

Special thanks to Stiloski's for sharing what is one of this year's hottest new police car deliveries.
This vehicle was equipped by Stiloski's new Emergency Vehicle Division, and features a Sound-Off lights and siren package. Also other custom details by Stiloskis, such as a console instal, custom paint job, l and a hand painted Ardsley PD patch on the door (When my father was an officer with APD, he helped to design the now famous patch)

Check out more photos of Ardsley PD's new Car 98 on
Very impressive!l I have to post some photos of my father with the old Car 98 when he was assigned to it, whatever it was, in the late 70's.