Friday, February 09, 2007

Back To The Blog

Hi guys. I'm back online, from my laptop in bed.

I am in a ton of pain, and basically confined to bed at my house at this time. My activities are extremly limited. I can only tolerate the computer a little bit right now. My main focus right now is recovery and getting back to the job I love and miss as soon as possible. It's been difficult being on the "other end" of the care we give, and definetly a learning experience. The Trauma ICU and the Trauma step down unit was hard for me, but I feel lucky- very lucky- to come out of this alive and able to hopefully make a full recovery.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes and support. It means a ton to me knowing I have such great friends out there. This thread means a lot to me. Thanks. Truck4 and tbendick printed them out and brought them to the hospital for me to see, and it really lifted my spirits a great deal.

Kristen, who is now my nurse 24/7, I know it is a great stress to you but you have shined through out this incident. I know getting that phone call was not easy, but you were strong. I love you, and thank you for the excellent care you have given me that has made the pain and all the thing's I've dealt with bearable. I love you. You are amazing.

Also, I am in great gratitude to my mother Susan who fought with WMC to get me the care I needed and sat by my side from sunrise to late night, my mother and father in law Ann and Tom, my great longtime friend Dave Bergman, my good friend and fellow former Probie Tim Mentrasti, Deputy Chief Leo and Patty, Captain Kelley, Chip, Tim Ryan, and the numerous others who spent hours by my bedside supporting and comforting me and my family and tending to my every need and still are. I'm sorry for being such a diificult patient, lol. Danielle (my sister), I know you couldn't be here and it was frusterating for you, but I felt your support from "across the pond". And to my brothers in Hartsdale FD who rescued me and have supported me and my family since, you guys have made it clear the #1 reason why I love my job. Thanks also to the Greenburgh PD & EMS, the other FD's who came to assist, and the Westchester Medical Center Trauma team, doctors, nurses and staff. I'm sorry if I can't recall everyone.

P.S. I'm sorry if I am unable to return some of your emails and phone calls, I am just a little overwhelmed. I also ask that members bear with me and have patience with the lack of updates with the EMTBravo sites, I have a lot that I will be working on, I am just very weak right now and can only tolerate so much.