Saturday, November 25, 2006

Why Do We Have Homeless Vetrans?

I was in Manhattan this evening.

Something came into my mind.

Why are there homeless vetrans in this country? How can we let those who have fought for the lifestyle and securities we have in this country go homeless and hungry on a street?

Now, I am aware that some is caused by mental illness, etc, but that's not always the case.
I find this disgusting that we let our nations vetrans suffer while we decide on how big of a plasma TV we should get, or how big or fast our cars can be.

Our VA's are rotting away, even with a whole new generation of vetrans coming out of Iraq.
Our vetrans should be cherished and well taken care of. There should be ample employment, food, shelter, and healthcare for each and every one of them....and not a single one should go forgotten.

This isn't only a responsibilty of us, this is a responsiblity of our politicians, many of whom nowadays haven't even seen time in the service.