Friday, November 10, 2006

I Guess Christmas Is On Its Way!

Well, I am the type of person who believes the Christmas season doesn't begin until after Thanksgiving. I get annoyed by seeing holiday commercials now, decorations up, and merchandise in the stores. It's too early for the Christmas's only.......oh wow, it's the second week of November already! Yikes! Where does time go?

Anyways, I'm sitting at Hartsdale FD Station 1 last night, about 2300, preparing to settle in for the evening. All of a sudden, I see lights flashing and a State Trooper speed south down Central Ave. I look north on Central Ave, and I see what looks like a parade. The next thing you know, the ROCKEFELLER CENTER CHRISTMAS TREE is coming down Central Ave, with quite an entourage.

It was exciting to see this famous tradition making its way through the neighborhood where I work and live. It was about 20 feet tall on the trailer. From what I understand, it's been planned to be the 2006 Christmas tree for 9 years now, and hails from Ridgefield,CT.

Now, I am starting to get excited for the holidays, and can't wait to see this tree sitting in Rockefeller Center all dressed and lit up!!