Monday, November 20, 2006

Music As A Weapon III

Last night, I atteneded the Music As A Weapon III tour at the Mullins Center at UMass-Amherst, MA.

I've attended both previous MAW tours, and as usual, Disturbed topped themselves again.

Mullins Center was awesome. Very clean, easy to use arena, parking was great, traffic was very light.

First up was Nonpoint. They were fun to hear live, especially after listening to their CD for a while. Great, hard band.

Next up was Flyleaf. New to the scene, this band is led by 25 year old Lacey Mosley, who is 4' 5 inches and no more then 70 pounds. But the raging screams coming out from her lungs are amazing. Kinda poppish, but Flyleaf's songs have substance and an energetic passion in them. Think a very,very angry Avril Levine.

The band that took the stage next was Stone Sour. The lead vocalist from Stone Sour is Corey Taylor, also lead vocalist of Slipnot. I haven't listened to this band since their first album came out in 2003, and my interest in them is definetly renewed. Corey Taylor's vocals and songs are awesome.

And finally, Disturbed took the stage. What else can I say but AWESOME! Their set was amazing, featured some awesome lighting, sound, and pyrotechnic effects that went along with the music. They played for a good hour and a half, and did a really cool thing by blending several of their songs into one. As usual, David Draiman, the lead singer, was awesome and his promotion of his message of basically getting along, reminded my why this band is my favorite. All my favorite songs off their three albums were played, and I left deaf. The bass was INSANE. Awesome.

All in all, a great night. I hope to catch them on their second leg of the tour, either in LA or NY, depending on where they play.