Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Sampling Of Eastchester FD's Apparatus

Yesterday, I had the oppurtunity to shoot much of EFD's fleet while in Eastchester getting spy shots of the new command cars. (As seen on Thanks to all who helped me get these shots, especially 121!

First up is Engine 27. 2000 American Lafrance, responds out of Eastchester FD Headquarters/Station 1

Next, here is Tower Ladder 17, a 2003 American Lafrance 93'. TL-17 responds from Station 5 on the North End.

This is Engine 28, EFD's spare engine. Mack CF-600. It's kept at the Tuckahoe firehouse.

Ladder 16 is a 2002 Seagrave Lo-Pro Quint and responds from the Tuckahoe Firehouse.

And here's the Tuckahoe firehouse, with the soon to be replaced Car 2102 in front.
Engine 31, 2002 American Lafrance Eagle, responds with TL-15 out of the North End station (#5)

Don't forget, photos of Eastchester's New Car 2101, 2102, and 2103 are posted on, along with a photo of the new Car 2105 (Mechanics Truck)

I hope to get back to Eastchester to get the rest of their very nice fleet soon.