Sunday, November 26, 2006

Landscapers Can Blow Leaves Anywhere!

Recently, while driving down Sprain Road in Hartsdale, I came across an obstacle in the roadway? What was it, you may ask? A wall of blowing leaves. Seems landscapers were blowing leaves across the roadway, off the owners property and into an area across the street where they didn't have to worry about it. Now, maybe that's where they were piling the leaves for collection, but in many areas of the town, landscapers blow leaves into areas where they don't have to worry about collecting or piling them.....even right into the roadway...and leave them there. Many of these landscapers use several backpack blowers at once to accomplish this task, and often leave the roadway debris covered and cause traffic disruption while accomplishing this. I've even seen it go as far a landscapers blowing leaves out a backyard onto Grassy Sprain Road and leaving them there.

Anyway, here's a photo:
As you can see in the photo, the landscapers here blew the leaves so no one could use the road while doing it, onto the roadway across the street. This pile of leaves jetted out onto this busy roadway.