Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What's Being Done To Address Pedestrian Safety On West Hartsdale Ave?

Below is the content of a letter I sent to Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner and posted on his blog ( :

Supervisor-I would like to know what is being done to address pedestrian safety on West Hartsdale Avenue? There is no sidewalk, and this road is narrow, curvy, and especially dark at night. The sidewalk ends at North Washington Avenue, and from there it's the non existent shoulder.

There are several pedestrians that walk this route every day. It's ridculous that one cannot walk or safely ride a bike on this corridor that connects the Maplewood, Pinewood, and Poets Corners neighborhood to the core of Hartsdale. But maybe that's something with the Town that many of it's sidewalk systems dead end or don't connect anywhere where people actually intend to walk.

We should begin to lobby the state to install a sidewalk on this road, before someone is seriously injured or killed. I won't and can't walk or ride my bike to work because of this.

I know there has been sidewalk conterversy in the town before, but this compltely unrelated. This a major state owned throughfare and in should no way even be the source of political heat or issues. Thank you for your time.

-My Name "x635"