Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Was Denied From Taking Photos Today!

Recently, I traveled with x901 to Newark, NJ, in search of photos of their awesome fleet. Being that I did my medic school ride time there several years back, I knew exactly where it was and that the staff is usually freindly and happy to show off their equipment. I have also been wanting to add their fleet to my collection, as well as show it off to those who aren't familiar with it.

When we arrived, I went inside to ask the on duty supervisor for permission, and he had no problem. However, since the agency director was there, we had to ask her first, and she immediately denied us taking photos, citing that there was a "10 step process" for approval, and that the UMDNJ logo has been used inappropriately on the internet before and they had a strict media policy. However, she acknowledged their fleet was very interesting, and said that we may take as many photos as we wished of units that were out on the street.

This is something that bothers me a great deal. I come in, ask for permission to shoot and explain how the photos willl be used, even offering my name and email address. I mean, these are public vehicles, and commonly seen on the street. Anyone, anywhere, can take a photo of them. I want to take some photos, and try to got through the right process, and am denied

. I am a huge fan of this agency, their staff, and their equipment. I do not undertand how the logic was fair. With all seriousness, I'm starting to see a trend of photography of my interests, such as fire apparatus, trains, planes, etc becoming a "no no", and it's doesn't seem right. A can't take a freakin photo of an ambulance because of a "media policy".

I WILL be writing a letter on this issue.

This is the first time I've run into this issue, and now it's my pet cause (one of many)