Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Update On x635- March 21st 2007

I'd like to thank everyone about the concern showed for me and Kristen.. The numbers of the EMTBravo thread and the blog posts are amazing, and mean a lot to me. I a truly blessed to have so many friends and so many that care about me.

Each day, I believe I am getting stronger. There have been a number of challenges in my recovery, which myself and Kristen are working hard to overcome. I have my good days, and my bad days. The pain and the many other issues makes daily life difficult, but you have to deal with what fate gives you. There are many others that suffer more then I can comprehend, and I hope when my health is better that I can do something to help these people- I've already have some ideas in mind. During my time in the Trauma ICU, although I don't remve rember it, I remember how helpless I felt and am lucky to have family and friends to advocate for me- I can only imagine those without strong family or friends.

I have a lot of motivation to encourage me in my recovery. I want to be able to dance at my upcoming wedding, I miss the guys at work, their antics, and all that they teach me about life and firefighting everyday. I miss my job and serving my hometown. I can't wait to pilot Hartsdale's new Spartan Gladiator/4-Guys when it arrive, among many other things-like photo hunting. If I look t the positive side, at least my injury was duing colder weather, lol. My recovery hopefully will come just as the weather warms up. I've also got a lot of rigs I want to shoot with my new Canon Digital Rebel XTi 400D.

I am getting a lot of help from family and friends. Many of them help me type and read on this forum, since I have difficulty doing both at times. They are also helping me to keep everything related to this site running, and I thank them for that. Not being able to it myself is frusterating, but the system we have setup seems to be woriking well.

I have to limit my time on the computer, I can only tolerate so much. I'm working from a laptop in bed, and have a whole operations center from my bed. However, I need to keep my mind active and this is theraputic for me. My new MacBook is awesome, although I prefer my Dell laptop at time.

As for visitors, I can't handle many. I limit my visitors to family, close friends, and the crews of E-170, TL-15, E169, AND 2172 (FD only on good days and limited at that) I also can't handle many phone calls or a lot of stimulation, and need my relaxation and recuperation time However, although I DO READ AND APRECIATE EVERY EMAIL SENT TO X635@EMTBRAVO.COM. That is the best and most appreciated way to contact me.

As I've said, I'd like to keep the nature of the trauma relaed incident and my inuries private. I ask that everyone respect that.


(Transcribed, assisted, and typed by Kristen)